Try giving you the benefit of the doubt Rail, but after winning 3 months, now you bring up cancer? And I’m not making lite of cancer, we’ve all been effected by it, lost my mom. Rail your a punk!
didn't start the therapy until Feb, no way would Id be losing otherwise.
Railbird, Nevada over the Gators? Really? The mighty SEC 4-0 today, that's no surprise for most of us.

That stuff aside and for the important stuff, man I hope you get better.

I don't take the forum stuff too seriously and have always appreciated the shock value of your posts.

It's kind of a sick irony you and Winky are battling this at the same time, you two are about the first posters I can recall on these forums.....

Both originals in my mind, can still recall vividly what you two would post about on the RX and you on both RX and MW.

Try and stay positive, don't get caught up in the negativity that can rear it's head on these forums, you got a real life battle you need to focus on.

Prayers brother, get well, I need a healthy tennis patsy next time I come out west. :)

John Kelly

Born Gambler
Staff member
Six outstanding plays for yours truly.

I'm playing against three Pac-12 teams today (Washington, Arizona State and Oregon) and three Big Ten teams tomorrow (Michigan, Michigan State and Maryland).

John Kelly

Born Gambler
Staff member
Seven pieces on one call:

PLAY #40: 862 Virginia -11 (-110) at Westgate (3/24)

PLAY #41: 865 Iowa +8 (-110) at Westgate (3/24)

PLAY #42: 869 Buffalo +3.5 (-110) at Westgate (3/24)

PLAY #43: 872 Houston -5.5 (-110) at Westgate (3/24)

PLAY #44: 877 Wichita State +7.5 (-110) at Westgate (3/24)

PLAY #45: 609 Longwood +15 (-110) at Westgate (3/25)

PLAY #46: 612 Loyola-Marymount -4 (-110) at Westgate (3/25)