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very true it was not trump but it was the republicans were cheering when it happened with jina into the WTO

China Has Been ‘Taking Advantage’ of the WTO for 20 Years: Experts​

China has not lived up to its commitments on fair trade in the past two decades, and has little will to do so, despite the world looking to its transition toward free-market capitalism, experts said.

“China has never really observed the rules of the World Trade Organization. It has taken advantage of the World Trade Organization [WTO],” Clyde Prestowitz, president and founder of the Economic Strategy Institute, told the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times. Prestowitz is also the author of “The World Turned Upside Down: America, China, and the Struggle for Global Leadership.”

“If you just look at what China has been doing in its trade with Australia, It’s actually, sadly, halting Australian imports,” he said. “Of course, China is making some excuses.”

Over the past 18 months, Beijing has limited imports of Australian beef, coal, and grapes as part of its economic coercion, besides tariffs on Australian wine and barley. The downward spiral on high-level diplomatic relations came straight after Canberra’s call for an international inquiry into the origins of the global pandemic.

On Oct. 26, the WHO agreed to set up a panel to examine China’s steep duties on imported Australian wine. This is the third time Australia has sought WTO action over an agricultural product in less than a year, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Australia is one of numerous WTO members that has experienced this first-hand,” said Australia’s ambassador George Mina as he addressed the eighth review of China’s trade policy at the WTO in Geneva on Oct. 20 and 22, saying China “has increasingly tested global trade rules and norms.”

WTO rules did not allow member states—no matter how large they are—to impose such conditions on other nations, Mina noted.

Close to 50 delegations took the floor, mostly criticizing China’s performance over the past two decades during the closed-door meeting, according to Politico.

U.S. charge d’affaires David Bisbee said that China’s industrial policies “skew the playing field” against imported goods and services, besides other accusations including preferential treatment for state enterprises, data restrictions, inadequate enforcement of intellectual property rights, cyber theft, and forced labor.

“Today, those challenges remain before us,” he said.

A previous study also shows China’s unfair trade practices since joining the WTO in 2001 have harmed industrial innovation in developed nations, causing companies, particularly in North America and Europe, to lose their competitive advantage in advanced industries.

“Convincing friendly governments to encourage their companies to leave China … while cutting China’s exports, it would also send a solid message to China—that China will either have to change—or go it alone,” said China economic analyst Antonio Graceffo told the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times.
You don't seem to understand that the reason that Trump has support is to get all of those corrupt assholes out of office - in both parties.

There's a reason he fought his own party as much as he fought the Dems.
LMFAO-Trump appointed many globalists/Bilderbergers for his cabinet when he wasn’t hiring incompetent family members

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LMFAO-Trump appointed many globalists/Bilderbergers for his cabinet when he wasn’t hiring incompetent family members
I agree, he was a huge disappointment in that regard, pretty much every time he had an opening(especially the first 2-3 yrs) he would listen to the deep staters recommendations for who to appoint. Yea...I think General Kelly would be a great pick, gee, Comey, who do you think should replace you(after i fire you) - wray? Sounds good.