Lets go Dober. In my opinion, Dober is extremely elite on the feet. DOber has only loss 4x in the last 7 years all by the way of submission. His grappling is steadily improving but it is definitely his chink in the armor. Don't see any threat of grappling with ex-pro kickboxer Riddell. I am a huge fan of Riddell but I feel the difference in power looms large here. Dober also the only one who may grapple. Expect this to be a competitive match early but Dober accrues much more damage as the clock ticks
Thought was gonna have a huge day when Dober rocked him in the 1st. Then loss final 3 wagers. onto the next

[79-91] +11.53
3* [12-10] +7.12

3*Drew Dober -110 L Closing Line: -150
2*Lauren Murphy +125 W Closing Line: +115
1*Lauren Murphy +117 W Closing Line:
2*Steven Peterson -111 W Closing Line: +105
1*Jamahal Hill Inside the Distance -130 L Closing Line: -130
1*Demian Maia +225 L Closing Line: +175
1*Fares Ziam -110 W Closing Line: -105
1*Hakeem Dawodu +250 L Closing Line: +185
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