What the world needed! My bets tracked!


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Waiting on the Kenin/Yastremska line. This is going to be a battle. Yaz got her in 3 sets at Wimbledon. I think Kenin returns the favor.
46-32-4 +10.73

WTA: Svitolina -119 vs Kenin (bookmaker)

I know Kenin has been like a freight train this week but as long as Svitolina serves somewhat decent I believe she will be too much for her.
I'm wise enough to know when I'm entering one of my losing streaks. Im not betting tonight. EPL kicked off with a bang. I'm working on football specifically Oregon and Auburn. One of the few things I keep reading and hearing is how great this Auburn d line is but not the same for Oregons offensive line. These guys are beasts.
Human nature. I'm worse in person but I have much more of an open mind than you think. This is why I'm successful gambling on sports.

You think this is funny. Like one big joke. I complain because I want to win every bet I make.
How much is luck? How much isnt? What separates a winner from loser? Luck?

I feel you need passion to be successful at whatever you do but an ability to really see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is much bigger than being up 9 plus units in less than 2 months over 80 + plus bets because my goals are different than the average joe. They should be with the time and energy spent.

I'm certifiably insane but in a good way.


Long Live Wilson!
Here is an example of the struggle I deal with it. I strongly believe Nishioka will wipe out Sousa coming up in the cincy qualifier but do I risk -220 or so?
If you believe he has a better than 68.75% (220/320) chance of beating Sousa then yes, if not then no. Don't make it more difficult than it is.
I said a year. I meant it. I think I hit my last 5 or 6 game of the years. I'm not joking. You can tell I mean business by my plays. You shouldnt have reasoning for most because many of you should already be on them.

I run into trouble when my emotions get the best of me or I'm on an alcoholic binge but I dont drink like that really anymore.

If you want to follow, follow. I'm not here to fight.
You have to want it. Sloane didnt want it. Venus wanted it. Kyrgios is a nut ball. Even though Halep is dead she wants it. You can easily give up and blame others or anything else but in the end you decide your fate.
WTA: M.Keys -240 vs V.Williams (bookmaker)

Venus can put on a show tonight and still lose because Keys has way too much power and legs for her. Keys would need to suffer an injury to lose tonight. I'll take my chances even at -240.