What the world needed! My bets tracked!

On on another note too. Last night I witnessed the most idiotic soccer match of all time and it took place between Portland Timbers and Atlanta United. Never seen anything quite like what I saw. No meaning, no discipline, no composure. Everybody needed to be fired and let go. The inmates ran things.
I scour everything. The info you think you have I already have. I have a unique ability to analyze, dissect and form a special opinion on things because many dont have the brain power to do so long term.

The main reason I blow up at others is because 95% of sports gamblers have absolutely no idea what the hell they're doing.
63-42-5 +15.94

Rockies at Cardinals -1.5 -125

Lambert vs Flaherty

I hate playing RL home teams but the time is now for St. Louis Cardinals... if it's not now it wont be.