Who knew Computer Bob was such a square?


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A Dell Dude post appears in your thread, and then suddenly you have a hundred of them.

It's like having fucking termites.

There goes the neighborhood.

Dell Dude

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I prefer this. It would take a million in chalk juice for Bobby boy to win 50 units.

Tennis Futures - French Open - WTA - #Odds to Win 2021 Womens French Open - Barbora Krejcikova +5000
Future/Prop Pending
$33.10 $1,655.00

Accepted Date: 06/04/21 07:21 GMT-7
Status: Pending
Amount: $33.10
To win: $1,655.00
Product: Sportsbook
Type: Future/Prop
Description: Tennis Futures - French Open - WTA - #Odds to Win 2021 Womens French Open - Barbora Krejcikova +5000

Dell Dude

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I challenge Computer Bob to a capping contest. He can do his chalk. I'll do my dogs and futures. Month of July. I start with 31 units bankroll. Bobby starts with 310 units.

Wait, what?

Yes because we will bet one selection each day. 31 for me because all my plays will cost 1 unit. 310 for Bobby because that's the minimum units he will need to bet 31X. I am required to bet nothing less than +1000. Bobby is required to bet nothing (more?) than -1000. No upper (or lower) limit for each of us other than available bankroll.

Bobby could do 31 Roger Federer vs Mickey Mouse. and that puts me at a disadvantage. But if I hit a Captain America, that wouldn't be fair to Bobby so this is what I'm going to do. If we both finish plus monies, goes to a 10 day TB. Whoever has won the most or lost the least units wins. If Bobby and I finish in the red regular contest, goes to TB again. If one of us finish in the green and the other in the red, we have a winner without TB.

If Bobby does what he is supposed to do. That is, finish in the green 31 and 10 plays, I'd have to finish in the green 31 and beat him in the TB and that will not be easy with only 10 chances to hit a 10-1. If I do what I am supposed to do, I'll need Bobby to take a bath somewhere along the line. I hit a monster early, I can relax and hope Bobby fucks up. He will need to go pretty much all the way until it is statistically impossible to be under water. Because:

If I decline to make a play, I take -1. Bobby declines to make a play, takes -10. I'm up 10 units with 9 days left in July. I'm safely in the clubhouse. Bobby would have to be up 21 with 2 days left.

We can do the honour system or post up. I will post up with Monkey. Bobby can post up with JK. Computer Bob can add suggestions to make the contest tighter or if he sees anything off. I think this will work with a very unusual format. Apples vs orange. Hard to make it even monies.