Who knew Computer Bob was such a square?

Joey was ahead in the SC polls but winless. Bernie only needed to come Tony Homo in SC then win Super Tuesday and it was over. Joe was winless and everybody else was not a threat. The odds may have been too high but nobody thought Joe could possibly win that many states Super Tuesday. Democrats were hoping it would be a team effort with Klubby winning Minny, Pocahontas winning Massachusetts, Bloombum stealing a state or 2 and Joey finally winning something. Nobody thought Joe would practically sweep the board. Add this to the anomaly of Joe winning when every historical trend said it was impossible. This man is illegitimate in every way, shape and form.
Yet it's almost like the long voting lines were ignored in the final tallys we all witnessed wrapped around blocks and blocks [ something no election to date has ever witnessed, and all those votes we all already KNEW in advanced would not be counted until loooong after the polls closed ] but included boat flags in your final tally. lol. I tell you it just can't be explained to a logical-minded way.

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Ignorant Boob voted for Benedict Donald. That speaks volumes about his smarts or lack there of. And lacks not forget Ignorant Boob predicted 3,100 Coronavirus deaths. Not bad considering his clueless allies Dumb Dude and Railturd predicted 777 and 1,000 respectively. Guaranteed all 3 are loyal viewers of Fox News.
What was your prediction? Couldn’t be bothered, but you are right there to call everyone else out though.

stay woke my friend.
just having some fun CB ... i am on your side a bet can still look good -10k
Its ok, I don't mind anyone having a look at the picks. Once I reached 6 units of profit for a contest set, each one was closed out by betting both sides of a game at Pinnacle to lose 5 to 8 pennies of juice.

Obviously, I don't recommend a steady diet of heavy favorites, especially without the due diligence to estimate +EV for each bet. However it is possible to find lots of value in these bets.
Dumb Dude is full of lies, conspiracies and horseshit. Anyone who believes anything he posts is an Ignorant Boob. How can you trust a Republicon. The current party is led by Pinocchio and is being built on a big lie.
Obviously you have nothing.
I have what you won't touch. Your Republicon party is being built on a big lie and racism. It's leader is Pinocchio. Obviously your party can't be trusted. Dumb Dude is a Republicon poster the is riddled with conspiracies, lies, horseshit and fabrications. And ignorant Republicons like yourself fail to recognize that. It's all relative.
There is your bullshit, Wild Billy. Now run along.
Dumb Dude claims Benedict Donald won the election. Prior to that he claimed he won a bet on Joe Biden +150000 an obvious bad line, a fabricated line, and edited line. And there's something very damning in Dumb Dude's screenshot that debunks his conspiracy.

Obviously Fair Warning, Railturd and Ignorant Boob believe the conspiracy riddled Republicon. Lol, lol, lol