Antifa is now designated as a terror group

Read my "your fourth response" I said that I didn't know which part of the article you were referring too. Are you that stupid that you can't put 2 and 2 together? I said I looked at wrong part.


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Read my "your fourth response" I said that I didn't know which part of the article you were referring too. Are you that stupid that you can't put 2 and 2 together? I said I looked at wrong part.
Hardly an admission of being wrong, but I'll give it to you, show me the other 4 times


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kane- just stop. I said I looked at the wrong part of the article. Now you are going to repeat your false narrative for years.
I was ready to stop, I said we move on, but then you had to lie and say you admitted you were wrong 5 times, which isn't true, and when I said it wasn't true you called me a liar, so now I want to see the 5 times you said you were wrong, you owe me 4 more


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It was exaggeration. I showed you where I admitted to it. Stop with these tiny inconsequential addictions.
Okay, so when you said you admitted it 5 times, it was really only 1 time and you were just exaggerating, but you still called me a liar when I said you never admitted it 5 times, you admitted it once, so that means I wasn't lying when I said you never admitted it 5 times, right? Just admit that I wasn't lying about it an we can move on
Okay, so when you said you admitted it 5 times, it was really only 1 time and you were just exaggerating, but you still called me a liar when I said you never admitted it 5 times, you admitted it once, so that means I wasn't lying when I said you never admitted it 5 times, right? Just admit that I wasn't lying about it an we can move on
You lied about the "leader" of the Klu Klux Klan" Now move on.
Seattle’s hard-Left secessionist movement has claimed its first territory: six blocks in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

For the past week, Black Lives Matter and Antifa-affiliated activists have engaged in a pitched battle with Seattle police officers and National Guard soldiers in the neighborhood, with the heaviest conflict occurring at the intersection of 11th and Pike, where law enforcement had constructed a barricade to defend the Seattle Police East Precinct building. Hoping to break through the barricade, protesters attacked officers with bricks, bottles, rocks, and improvised explosive devices, sending some officers to the hospital. At the same time, activists circulated videos of the conflict and accused the police of brutality, demanding that the city cease using teargas and other anti-riot techniques.

Then, in a stunning turn of events, the City of Seattle made the decision to abandon the East Precinct and surrender the neighborhood to the protesters. “This is an exercise in trust and de-escalation,” explained Chief Carmen Best. Officers and National Guardsmen emptied out the facility, boarded it up, and retreated. Immediately afterward, Black Lives Matter protesters, Antifa black shirts, and armed members of the hard-Left John Brown Gun Club seized control of the neighborhood, moved the barricades into a defensive position, and declared it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone—even putting up a cardboard sign at the barricades declaring “you are now leaving the USA.”

On the new rebel state’s first night, the atmosphere was festive and triumphant. Hooded men spray-painted the police station with slogans and anarchist symbols, renaming it the “Seattle People’s Department East Precinct.” Raz Simone, a local rapper with an AK-47 slung from his shoulder and a pistol attached to his hip, screamed, “This is war!” into a white-and-red megaphone and instructed armed paramilitaries to guard the barricades in shifts. Later in the night, Simone was filmed allegedly assaulting multiple protestors who disobeyed his orders, informing them that he was the "police" now, sparking fears that he was becoming the de facto warlord of the autonomous zone. A homeless man with a baseball bat wandered along the borderline and two unofficial medics in medieval-style chain mail stood ready for action.

Nikkita Oliver, a radical activist and former mayoral candidate, emerged as a critical voice of the protest movement and assumed a leadership role in the newly declared autonomous zone. After night fell and a light rain began falling, she spoke to the crowd and outlined the ideological commitments behind the occupation. “[We need to] align ourselves with the global struggle that acknowledges [that] the United States plays a role in racialized capitalism,” she told protestors. “Racialized capitalism is built upon patriarchy, white supremacy, and classism.”

The following day, a coalition of black activists associated with the autonomous zone released a more specific list of demands, including the total abolition of the Seattle Police Department, the retrial of all racial minorities serving prison time for violent crimes, and the replacement of the police with autonomous “restorative/transformative accountability programs.” Activists pledged to maintain control of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone until their demands are met—setting the stage for a long-term occupation and the establishment of a parallel political authority.

The city government has not developed a strategic response to the takeover of Capitol Hill. According to one Seattle police officer with knowledge of internal deliberations, the city’s “leadership is in chaos” and “the mayor has made the decision to let a mob of 1,000 people dictate public safety policy for a city of 750,000.” The officer said that Chief Best had dispatched high-ranking police officials to the autonomous zone to establish a line of communication, but the officials were immediately sent away by armed paramilitaries at the barricades. “The tide of public opinion is on the side of the activists and they’re pushing the envelope as far as they can,” said the officer. “It’s not hyperbolic to say the endgame is anarchy.”

Politically, the Seattle City Council has already begun to champion the protesters’ demands. Socialist Alternative councilwoman Kshama Sawant declared the takeover a “victory” against “the militarized police force of the political establishment and the capitalist state.” Three councilmembers have signaled support for a 50 percent reduction in the police budget, with additional councilmembers likely to support a similar policy in the coming weeks. Sawant also opened Seattle’s City Hall—which had been closed by the mayor—to protesters, who immediately occupied the building.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone has set a dangerous precedent: armed left-wing activists have asserted their dominance of the streets and established an alternative political authority over a large section of a neighborhood. They have claimed de facto police power over thousands of residents and dozens of businesses—completely outside of the democratic process. In a matter of days, Antifa-affiliated paramilitaries have created a hardened border, established a rudimentary form of government based on principles of intersectional representation, and forcibly removed unfriendly media from the territory.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is an occupation and taking of hostages: none of the neighborhood’s residents voted for Antifa as their representative government. Rather than enforce the law, Seattle’s progressive political class capitulated to the mob and will likely make massive concessions over the next few months. This will embolden the Antifa coalition—and further undermine the rule of law in American cities.
Seattle is no stranger to Antifa violence. Antifa has been a visible presence in Seattle since 2016 with ties to local Democrat leaders. All current council members as well as the mayor have been endorsed by the local Democrat parties controlled by those activists.

The riots and looting are supported by many of the Seattle City Council members. Last week in a video council meeting about the riots, Socialist Council Member Tammy Morales said she can’t figure out “why looting bothers people” when “people die everyday.”
Trump didn't say treat your elders with care and respect. He did say the 75 year old man fell hader than he was pushed. It looked like an Antifa setup.

That's the compassionless, brainless, racist, bigoted and unfit clown.
Just as the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed territory in Iraq and Syria, antifa militants have claimed territory in Seattle, Wash. According to reports on the ground from The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo and Townhall’s Julio Rosas, protesters and antifa instigators have seized land in the Capitol Hill area around the Seattle Police East Precinct. Like ISIS, the rioters appear to have decided on setting up a government in their occupied territory, naming it “Free Capitol Hill.”
“Seattle [Mayor Jenny Durkan] is allowing a dangerous situation to fester. [Antifa] militants have taken over & created an ‘autonomous zone’ in city w/their own rules. Police precinct abandoned. Antifa set up barricades to create a border. Calling for volunteers to provide armed guard,” Ngo tweeted.
His message included tweets from rioters and pictures of the “Free Capitol Hill” poster on the side of a barricade, along with a map of the area antifa had taken over.
“The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Folks in Seattle have secured six block of city [at the moment], barricaded it, and gotten local businesses and residents to agree to, well, disaffiliate from Seattle basically. It’s a flux state in the making,” Alex Humva tweeted.
“Speaker at the autonomous zones advocating folks with firearms take shifts defend the barricades. Sh*t is getting organized,” another inside the barricades tweeted.
The map Ngo tweeted claims to represent Seattle on the night of June 8. Antifa rioters claim to have taken over the “Capital Hill Free Zone (Protester Occupied Seattle)” in yellow. The zone includes the “Captured Regime East Precinct (Abandoned Police Station with doors left unlocked lol),” along with areas marked “Commune Food Stations,” “CHFZ Commune Barricades,” “Relaxation & Dining Field (food regularly handed out + coffee bar),” and a “Stoa (Informal Congregational Area).”
The map also denotes a “Regime encampment off Broadway” a “Regime Occupied Safeway (Police holed up here).”
The antifa rioters appear intent on creating an automonous state, not unlike the ISIS-run territories in the Middle East or the surrounded proto-communist experiment of the Paris Commune in 1871. (The Paris Commune was a key moment in the history of socialism and communism. It lasted between March and May 1871, after the Prussians had defeated the French in the Franco-Prussian War and were besieging Paris. Karl Marx called it an example of the “dictatorship of the proletariat.”)
The rioters’ use of the Greek term “Stoa” appears to hearken back to classical Greece while their reference to police as the “regime” sets them in contrast with a supposedly oppressive government force. The map has an undeniably bohemian theme, promising a “coffee bar” in this militant alt-Seattle.
Julio Rosas also reported from the scene. “I’m outside of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct for [Townhall]. Police have pulled out of the area and protesters have set up barricades in the streets. They have declared it a ‘Cop Free Zone,'” he tweeted.
Rosas also shared posters with demands from the rioters. “Some of the signs posted around the area. One calls for the defunding of the Seattle PD and the dropping of all charges against protesters,” he tweeted. “Another says, ‘The cops will always be racist because capitalism requires inequality.'”
Ngo compared the situation to Portland in 2018 when Mayor Ted Wheeler allowed a similar antifa “zone” to exist inside that city for five weeks. “Not only did it become a biohazard site w/intravenous drug abuse, the local businesses & residents were terrorized. Tax payers had to pay for the extensive cleanup.”
Neither Mayor Durkan nor the Seattle Police Department have yet addressed the emergence of “Free Capitol Hill.”
“In an effort to proactively de-escalate interactions between protestors and law enforcement outside the East Precinct, Chief Best and [Seattle Police] officers have removed barricades surrounding the East Precinct while safely securing the facility,” Durkan reported last night. “In addition, [the Seattle Fire Department] has several vehicles stationed near the Precinct to ensure emerging medical needs and fires are addressed if necessary. Keeping this area safe is critical, as there are approximately 500 residential homes in this block.”
If keeping that area safe is “critical,” then Durkan has arguably experienced a “critical” failure.
Naturally, the mayor made tremendous concessions to the rioters even while claiming she would keep the area safe.
“As the Chief takes this operational step, we will continue to remain focused on what we can and must do to address the systemic inequities that continue to disproportionately impact our Black residents,” she tweeted. “Yesterday, we announced a commitment to invest $100 million dollars into community – in addition to existing city programs — and to work with community to create a Black Commission that will help to amplify black voices in City Hall.”
She concluded her Twitter thread by expressing hope that “tonight, with these operational changes, our city can peacefully move forward together.”
Yet it appears the city cannot move forward together — the rioters are declaring independence from the city itself. No concessions will be enough for these instigators, who consider the police an occupying “regime” force and demand the end of the very capitalistic system that enables them to enjoy goods and services like a coffee bar. (As Bernie Sanders might say, “Why do you need more than one type of coffee?”)
Antifa is now running an insurrectionary state inside Seattle itself. This revolt is cause for State Police and arguably the National Guard to restore order to an American city. President George H.W. Bush used the Insurrection Act to quell the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and this antifa “free state” is arguably cause for Trump to do the same here and now. But don’t you dare say that within earshot of The New York Times.
Buffett's Brick Company Linked to Antifa in Online Conspiracies
A unit of Berkshire Hathaway gets pulled into the online rumor mill
It's inconcievable the authorites could not find out exactly who is placing those bricks all over the country, that's what the FBI does best. 1st you find out who placed them, then who ordered them, finally who paid for them, the fact we hear nothing just re enforces the conspiracy/deep state theories.
So they caught that one Antifa member in Buffalo. A 75 year white man. I wonder how many other Antifa members he ratted out? Has Trump announced how many Antifa members they have caught? Maybe right wing Antifa boy can chime in.

Antifa=Anti Fascist. Going back to the day American troops stormed the beaches of Normandy. I'm a proud Anti Fascist. Bunker boy leave your bunker and come and get me.

"Antifa is everywhere"
- Right wing Antifa boy
Buffett's Brick Company Linked to Antifa in Online Conspiracies
A unit of Berkshire Hathaway gets pulled into the online rumor mill
Cool, The Oracle is the mysterious AUNT TIFA benefactor now. Now we know who to call to get our priotest checks. When will he be arrested?