Antonio Brown updates

A match made in heaven!! Player and agent.
All he had to do was shut his mouth until the first game and he would collect $29,000,000???? That's 2,900,000 for Drew (estimating 10% agent fee).

I hope the Raiders have some hold on not allowing him to play for anyone else this season. This guy is a joke and Pitt covered up his childish behavior for years.
At Pinnacle the Super Bowl odds on NE dropped from more than +700 to the +400's.

Conference, team total wins, division, & to make the playoffs props were also all hammered.


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If you watch his real time reaction when he found out his release from Raiders on Adam Schefter's Twitter timeline it was obvious he never wanted to be a Raider. There has to be more to the story than helmet grievances & dislike for GM.
Well, we'll probably find out if Belichek will put up with his issues, keep in mind almost all of the troubled players NE gets have had issues off the field, issues on the field which effect the rest of the team are something totally different.
Here we go again. Bill Belichick is an evil genius. We have to go through another season with NE running things. It wont end until Brady and him retire.

Miami, Buffalo. That division blows so NE always has time to prepare for the playoffs. I blame the teams in that division more than anything too.
At least Rex Ryan gave it his all. Miami and Buffalo stand no shot. Buffalo had talent but never never had a QB. Tyrod Taylor. EJ Manuel. Hot garbage. Miami is well Miami. All I can think of is the Jimmy Johnson days and those were LONG ago. Today its like drop a name with hardly any experience in a hat and who we pick, that's our head coach.It's just sad and all this made Brady and Bill grow.


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I think the team that benefits tonight is the Steelers. The players and organization HATE Brown. He isn't going to play tonight, but yet he is stealing the attention, when it should be on the players who will be on the field. I expect a fully focused effort from Pittsburgh tonight.
Anyone buying the rumor NE tampered with Brown. They have a history of tampering with

He wanted to go to the Patriots last off season when the Steelers were trying to trade him.

And New England wanted him.

The Patriots offered their 1st Round Pick, but Tomlin did not want to see him in a Patriots Uniform.

That's why the Patriots used their 1st Rd. pick on a W.R. K'Neal Harry from Az. St.

It's the first time Belichek has ever used his 1st round pick on a W.R.

ITS been no secret that each side wanted to make the deal, but were unable, because Tomlin refused to do it.

So when Brown was released, he told Rosenhaus, his Agent, to get in touch with the Patriots.

Deal made.


You have a much better chance to find tampering in the N.B.A, than you will in Brown to the Patriots.