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I liked Dick Schaap.

Jeremy, not so much.

I'll give "Pops" a solid 90 and the kid who benefited from his bloodlines a 9.

Same can be said of Jack and Joe Buck

I met Dick one time. Feb 1992 in Albertville

It was about 2 months after ESPN told me to leave (ugh). I was in the Broadcast Center in Albertville working my Midnight-9A shift. They did "The Sports Reporters" in the main studio - which was around the corner from where I was. Schaap popped his head in asking if we could help with something. It was only me and some other woman there. I shouldn't have done it but did it because of who he was and where I was 2 months earlier. As nice a person as there has ever been. NO EGO! He made the show about others, not him, when he was the real star.


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"Shut up Suzyn" is a classic.I can't defend Syzyn for that one.
Sweetheart Roger Clemens is one of my least favorite MLB players ever -I was at the game where He almost killed Mike Piazza with a bean ball thrown 98 at Piazza's head -
an incident Not to be confused with the World Series game incident where he hurled a piece of a broken bat at Piazza while he was running to first.
He also threw his wife under the bus when steroid accusations were directed at him.
He also thought he was too good for Spring Training..
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i like trevor denman 82, i dont know who tom durkin is

Did the Breeders Cup for most of its existance and the Triple Crown races for many years. Denman is very good too, IMO. I'm just not a fan of Collmus, who is the current BC and Triple Crown announcer for NBC.


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keyshawn johnson 82.

met key when he was a 13 yr old ticket scalper. like his show with jay williams, key a scam artist tho. i was buying SB tickets from Glenn Foley, and Lonzo Neal, both said Key was offering teammates low ball offers on tix and was annoying. He went on to scam Roy Oswalt and Mark Sanchez years later. How an unprofitable ticket business allegedly drained star athletes of $30 million - MarketWatch
key belongs in prison, got away with this theft, i downgrade him to 50 after todays watch

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i didnt know he played for mccartney


Klatt was a three-sport star at a Colorado high school.

Played two seasons of minor-league baseball before being a three-year starter at quarterback for the Buffaloes.

Little-known fact about Bill McCartney at Colorado: Gary Barnett was an assistant coach under McCartney at Colorado where he learned the ins-and-outs of recruiting (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Barnett took that underhanded knowledge to Evanston, Illinois where he convinced the admissions department at Northwestern to allow him some latitude in recruiting star athletes.

A few years later, Barnett took the "Purple to Pasadena" with some elite athletes who starred on the football field but flopped in the classroom.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
I like Joel Klatt too.

Knows the college football product.

Joel is the way he is now because a very good friend of mine spent HOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS working with him BTS to improve his broadcasting abilities. This same friend gave Charissa Thompson her first big break in 2003 or 2004 when he hired her to work at FSN Rocky Mountain and this same friend also gave Alanna Rizzo her first big break, too

Joel is good. No argument. But he got a lot of help few know about