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Hawks certainly more battle tested to this point. Its just the layoff.................
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Look how stupid the NBA is....nothing matters until the last 2 minutes.......why watch that shit? Stupid to gamble on because the swings but if you're just a fan? What a waste of time it would be...
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Crawford literally has the worst rebound control of any goalie in the NHL. He always feels the need to kick pucks right into the slot. Darling better be warming up.
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I didnt play at a very high level but when I just dont realize how a guy like that can frustrate an offence. He almost eliminates ANY teams forecheck. The idea is to get the puck in deep and throw your weight around and play the cycle game. You just cant do that when Keith is out there. They HAVE to wear him down. Its the only way they will win this series and I know its 2-0 Ducks right now as I type this.
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2-0 Ducks and Richsox enters the thread to give Crawford his highly deserving props.

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That 2nd goal happened after 2 easy shots weren't controlled by Crawford. Either control it for a whistle or steer it into a corner. This fukkin guy always leaves the puck right in the slot. Its like last years western conference finals all over again where Crawford couldn't stop a beach ball from getting by him.