EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (TobyTyler is our February contestant)


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It's a square one but i can see Johnnies rolling over once it starts to go bad . Hopefully Xavier won't turn it over 30 times like Providence did.

John Kelly

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Toby gets a little luck there and is over .500

Final score: Xavier 77 St. John's 74.

The Musketeers scored the last eigtht points of the game to get the win and cover.

TOBYTYLER improves to 9-8.

Dare I say, he'll be looking for his sixth straight win tomorrow.


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Looked good early on but in 2nd looked like instead of attacking basket after breaking FD press they pulled it back out, sat on ball until few secs left then, terrible shot.rinse repeat all 2nd half.