EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (TobyTyler is our February contestant)

John Kelly

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Here's a fourth final score from the Associated Press:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Rod Melton and MJ Randolph scored 15 points apiece and Florida A&M beat South Carolina State 60-54 on Monday night for its first undefeated season at home since 1988-89.
Need to go .500 (3-3) the rest of the way
Looks like a lock the way Toby is going

I don't think he meant anything by this, and obviously there isn't anything of real substance behind it.......

But I HATE when someone assigns LOCK to anything I have wagered. I guarantee I hit less than 25% on those plays over the years.

One of the few superstitions I have on these forums.

Hang in there Toby, if anyone can go 3-1 to finish it will be you.

John Kelly

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Final score: Richmond 73 George Washington 70.

The Spiders won the game but GW cashed the bet.

Toby falls to 15-11.

A 3-1 finish is now needed to get the money.

You can do it, TT.

Toby's effort this month reminds me of a racehorse that breaks slowly, lags far behind the field, comes with a rush around the far turn, circles all rivals, opens up a one-length lead at the head of the stretch and then begins to stagger like a drunken sailor in the final furlong.

Time to go to the whip, Toby.
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