EOG's Grand Challenge presented by BetDSI (TRYTRYTRY is our April contestant)

John Kelly

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Atlanta Hawks - New Orleans Pelicans
Total – FT – NBA
Under 212.5
-108 (drop down menu)

The 213th point of the game was scored with

TRY falls to 0-2.

Here's the good news: The third game of the competition is coming up next.

If at first you don't succeed...

pete mcmeat

EOG Senior Member
Second warning, PETE MCMEAT.
oh good lord i was being as playful as playful can be......sjw is a bannable offence..cmon

ok fine strike two it is.....but if this was a strike 3 swinging and the catcher missed it i should have a chance to run to 1st and beat the throw..

pete mcmeat

EOG Senior Member
john, it's funny how you run this place...not funny haha but funny strange......i wonder if it has to do with how your gambling bets are doing.....care to share

i dont want to come across like the the squad who begs you for the banning of railbird but would love to hear you come clean on why he gets a free pass as does bigrunner......i enjoy rail and dont want him going nowhere and i think runner is equal to the shit i took this morning but also have no problem with him posting here.....but you look the other way with both and dont even comment when posters ask for you to ask them tone it down...

but asking svbettor to change his name to sjwbettor is strike two lol......i'm going to run a trial and go in every thread and call all posters nazis and then start a thread about betting against mexican soccer coaches...no problem with that right...

funny eog loses kane and gains big rubber and john makes april fools jokes about it.......we move on

John Kelly

Born Gambler
Staff member
Final score: Bucks 129 Kings 128.

Milwaukee wins the game, Sacramento cashes the bet.

TRYTRYTRY off the schneid.

Current record: 1-2


All I do is trytrytry
this game looks lost as do the Nets.
my info had HArden good to go and thus the play. but he went only 4 minutes before still hurting or taking himself out of rest of game. blah.

bad info...