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No more Tauson ever. Something is wrong with her body and mentally. Health wise she needs to just retire from professional tennis.
Just relax, Tauson isn’t going anywhere. She’s just 20 and six feet tall and she’s already banked over $1.2 million.

Her 2023 year hasn’t gone the way she’d planned that’s for sure.

Physically, she appears to have very awkward footwork. She can hardly run.
No one was more surprised than me to see her comeback against Potapova.

But like you said, something is definitely wrong mentally.
She gave up today. Serve was awful in second set.

In a related story, Caroline Garcia announced that her Grandmother died on Monday.
This would explain her poor showing resulting in early exit this week.

Having been married, I can assure you, with women it’s always something....


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gambling tip.

ostapenko is 30 lbs overweight, wins 1st sets, loses 2nd sets out of fatigue, gets go go juice for 3rd sets, on in 1st , go against in 2nd, pass on 3rd


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7-4 -$204.57

I don't see anything today. Pegula but at -320? I don't know. Pricey. Just placing a future bet. Oh, Pegula match is tomorrow.

Swiatek +200 to win $100 to win $200 dk


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Wozniacki and Brady are currently embroiled in the third set in Arthur Ashe stadium.
While the sexual orientation of Arthur Ashe remains a mystery, there’s no mystery about
the fact that Wozniacki will emerge victorious today.
She is showing her greater fitness as the match wears on.

An Impressive achievement at age 33 with winnings of over $35 million.
Wozniacki is the surprise of the tournament and her game is solid in all departments.

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Winning 3 straight matches in 3 sets is not consistent with out of shape. Overweight may affect movement but can still be in form.

Dell Dude

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Sinner reminds me of Tommy Hearns. Powerful and talented but those long skinny legs. If he had a pussy, probably would have a major. Struggles late and it is almost impossible to straights sets Alcatraz and Joker.