Fezzik For November...

Fezzik has a blazing hot Sunday.

7/7/19 Sunday (7/6/19 4:53pm) Col/Az UNDER 9 -115 [3-5] MLB 2 W 2
7/7/19 Sunday (7/6/19 4:53pm) NYY/TB UNDER 8 -110 [1-2] MLB 2 W 2
7/7/19 Sunday (7/6/19 4:53pm) KC/Was UNDER 9.5 -110 [2-5] MLB 2 W 2
7/7/19 Sunday (7/7/19 7:21am) Pitt F5 -120 [3-1] MLB 2 W 2
7/7/19 Sunday (7/7/19 7:21am) Col F5 -135 [0-1] MLB 2 L -2.7
7/7/19 Sunday (7/7/19 7:21am) Bos -1.5 -165 [6-3] MLB 1 W 1

YTD -33.50u


EOG Master
It's funny with Fezzik. Once he finds a short sample niche that is winning he pounds it till it shits the bed....then
on to the next short sample trial and error.
What happened to those handicapping seminars priced at $2,500?

Okay, I'll stop now.

Touts should do what living trust and estate planning lawyers do. Invite to a seminar/dinner. Give them a overview. Convince
them they can't do it on their own then sign them up to the service. No betting seminar is worth that unless Walters' NFL
picks come with it (I've heard the seminar via archive).
Seminars didn't last long neither did the think tank groups that met at Netto's every Tuesday. They used to leak
pictures showing in-depth discussions as if they were close to a cancer cure.
CFL 3* TOTAL of the Month
Undefeated in CFL This year, 2-0!
Fez has been ULTRA selective in CFL this year, and has cashed on BOTH his releases with easy winners! HE FIRES on a total he LOVES this week!