Predict the FINAL NUMBER of confirmed Coronavirus cases/deaths in the U.S. (Predictions ONLY)

You forgot providing for his family and raising his kids in a good neighborhood.
I'm sure hes a good guy when sober and probably a good dad. Was only responding to him calling me a narcissist constantly. If I am a narcissist then he is as well was my point.

Onto Railbird. This is a private enterprise this forum. If it chooses to allow someone to say they hope minorities die of covid because it helps someone get elected and they feel that is fine so be it. I dont have to read it or respond to it. If someone wants to call people fags and let the N word fly and this site feels again that is something worthwhile to allow. I have no say in the matter.

I have a choice whether I'd like to support that company by reading, posting and contributing to the growth of said company. However I do feel its flawed to make that individual the face of the site. Giving that person the spotlight and giving them freeroll opportunities in highlighted contests etc.

If a site has no growth for 10 years and continues to lose posters, advertisers and things that allow a revenue stream maybe it'd be in their best interest to eliminate what's causing such things. Forums are far from dead, they're thriving. When reddit sports betting forum has a record increase in threads in a football season and ras slack gains 3k people in 5 months you can't tell me something is a miss here. The score chat app has 1000s of people chiming in every game by the second for gods sake.

I really miss when this was a place where you could learn a thing or two from someone about capping and +ev plays were the norm and there was a place for congratulations and questions about games and answers given. I keep stopping in to see if that's the case again. Someone alert me when that takes place again.

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December 2020
Been in the SlackChat a little. My impressions are that it sucks.
Sure it is cool that it is real time but not any more real time than the forum. You can check it once per week just like the forum.
The only reason it is mor popular is that it has more topics of discussion.
Except for the fact that Ed is releasing plays in there and it is clever for that.

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    December 2020

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    December 2020
    You've got about 10 guys in there and as you would expect they are posting about COVID 19 and Trump. Their opinions are a little more high brow but basically the same stuff.
    Everything goes away after a week.
    You've got some out of the cool crowd that don't get responded to
    Ed is trying to get people to post picks with write ups but the cool kids don't post picks.

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    December 2020
    nothing makes me wanna join a sports betting "forum" or whatever they call Slack, then hearing rampant virus and orange guy talk is taking place !
    Im sure its very spirited and full of facts!

there is your reviews of eds nazi leftist dirtbag site filled ras slack. 10 morons posting leftist drivel, like you kane its worse than this site.
eddie ruins another thread by making it about himself......lets hear another story about saving your goldfish in a burning building and less about your obsession of railbird

how's buda doing by the way....


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there is your reviews of eds nazi leftist dirtbag site filled ras slack. 10 morons posting leftist drivel, like you kane its worse than this site.
You had more posts there than anyone before getting banned, you loved it there, but now after your banning the place sucks, LMAO