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Tulane is absolutely 100% for real.

Incredible turnaround for a program that spent the better part of the last 20 years in the shitter.
Vanderbilt +21 (+1150 ML) won SU over #22 Missouri.

Georgia Tech +18.5 defeated Miami 27-20.

Illinios +28.5 defeated #6 Wisconsin 24-23.
North Carolina & Virginia Tech are tied at 41 in the 6th OT period.

Edit: Somehow VT wins it on a 2 pointer. 43-41 final.

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Vanderbilt +21 (+1150 ML) won SU over #22 Missouri.

Georgia Tech +18.5 defeated Miami 27-20.

Illinios +28.5 defeated #6 Wisconsin 24-23.

Two of the three, Mizzou and Wisky, were impossible favorites.

The Tigers and Badgers failed to score more points than the number they were laying.


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Vsin lighting up mitch
cohen of the bears had nice day... 9 catches... 19 yards... why is mitch throwing 2 yd passes?
Since 2018-2019, Patriots as Double Digit Road Favorites, Full Game Under is 12-0

-15.5 @ Was ... 33-7 (U42)
-18 @ Mia ... 43-0 (U48)
-13 @ NYJ ... 27-13 (U46.5)
-14 @ Buf ... 25-6 (U43.5)
-10.5 @ Mia ... 20-27 (U48)
-10.5 @ SF ... 30-17 (U51.5)
-10 @ Cle ... 33-13 (U47.5)
-10 @ Mia ... 10-20 (U46.5)
-10 @ NYJ ... 17-16 (U47)
-10 @ Buff ... 23-21 (U50.5)
-14 @ Jax ... 23-6 (U51.5)
-15.5 @TB ... 35-7 (U44.5)

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The Lakers/Clippers Western Conference Finals should be epic

.........and it will change the rivalry forever. Kings/Ducks has never been the same since the 2 met in the 2014 WC Semis and the Kings won in 7 games. It was an awesome series, thankfully won by the best team, but the rivalry that wasn't much before - is now cranked up a lot even though both teams are nowhere near the same as in 2014.

The Galaxy/LAFC rivalry is only 2 years but after meeting in the MLS Playoffs this season it will never be the same


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The Miami Dolphins leading rusher this season is Ryan Fitzpatrick with 219 yards, they have two games left and their top RB won't have 300 rushing yards for the year, not sure how this is even possible


TYVM Morgan William!!!
How big is MLB rooting for the Dodgers? A Braves/Rays WS might be the lowest rated of all time


NHL got hosed with 2 irrelevant teams (ratings wise) in the Finals. If MLB gets the same for the WS the ratings will BLOW

MLB would be OK with Braves - if matched up against Houston. Once Tampa made it MLB and Fox and praying for the Doyers