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Another shot for a Billy Stink contest.

Jan 27, 2021 01:14 PM Future/Prop $28.95 $3,184.50
Golf - Futures - Farmers Insurance Open - Odds To Win Farmers Insurance Open - Jordan Spieth +11000


Dell Dude

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I'm probably going to hustle double down on Special so Billy and Guesser contest. $500. There is still time to touch them all!

pete mcmeat

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pay up little billy or ask me to do it and i'll takeover your deal to the have to ask nicely

Dell Dude

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I am pleased to announce the Billy Sink Big Dance $250 contest. I will have contest details tomorrow. We'll use this thread. Times up, Billy. I am going to pay your debt to the forum. Hopefully it will be like the Guesser contest where I don't have to pay.

Dell Dude

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I have time. I'll just give the rules now. It will be a streak for the Michael Cash type format. If there is a tournament this year, it will be sudden death elimination. You pick teams to win the game. No pointspread. Once you lose, that is your score. It's complicated again. You could crap out debutanté round and still win because the winner is the poster who has the most wins. 15-1 first day beats 14-0 after the championship.

Wait, what?

Yes, what. You are not required to bet any game. You can hold your fire and wait for other posters to lose then you have the entire tournament to beat the top #.

Example. You think there will be a lot of upsets in the first round so you only pick the #1 seeds and go 4-0. Everybody else gets eliminated because there is a Cinderella bloodbath and the be best poster is 8-1. So you only need to win 5 more and you have the entire tournament. You made the right choice.

It could go the other way. You only pick the #1 seeds and some cocksucker goes a she's perfect 32-0. There are only 31 games left. You're fucked. I don't think there has ever been a March Madness contest with this format.

Now for the jackpot. If you win with a clean sheet, you win $1000. It's very possible. If everybody else is eliminated and you have the most wins, just have to stop.

I think these are tight rules? Worse and worse is a tie and can come up with a TB.

Dell Dude

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Every EOG valued contributor is welcome to play. These posters ineligible for prizes:

Billy Sink
Big Runner
Slippery Pete


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Where'd that fukkin dork and his 19 contests go anyway.

Dilldood must be over with the heavy hitters a the Leper Colony.

9 posters and 6 of them called the FBI on me.

Been in hiding for 6 years.

Any day now I figure.

Goin to Riker's with the Turnip family.