The Official EOG Super Bowl All-Everything Thread


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I knew it and it's confirmed. They are expanding pee per view.

Amazon picks up rights to wild card playoff game next NFL season, per report; here's how it came together
Amazon Prime Video will have a wild card playoff game in 2025

$135 could go up

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There you go Dell, for a conspiracy theorist such as yourself, you should have had a field day when those kneel downs took place

I think it is healthy to believe in conspiracies as long as you are flexible and can admit when wrong. Everybody lies. Only way to have a chance to get the Truth Social.


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I feel like way too many people I spoke to have Kyle Juszczyk over 0.5 and Purdy INT

I think we notice it more because there of the legal gambling in states now. There is so much gambling content out there. As always it comes down to price - I played the Purdy INT at + odds, now it’s swung 40-50 cents.

actually the prop that has the most action is Kelce to score a TD.

Crazy Pete

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The 2 Prop sheets I’ve seen in Vegas had Kelce MVP 6/1 & 5/1.
On the same prop sheet that has Kelce 5-1 for MVP, it also has MVP by position. Tight ends are +800.
So you can bet Kelce +500, or Kelce & Kittle +800.
Pays to shop around lol.

FWIW, I cannot pass up Mahomes +2 versus Purdy


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I would think there's some book liability with OT.

90 percent of the tix written were 'yes' on OT.

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I'd rather kick. Stopping KC touchdown more likely than SF touchdown. They haven't touched regular possession all game.