Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

Critics of these conspiracy theories say they are a form of conspiracism common throughout history after a traumatic event in which conspiracy theories emerge as a mythic form of explanation (Barkun, 2003). A related criticism addresses the form of research on which the theories are based. Thomas W. Eagar, an engineering professor at MIT, suggested they "use the 'reverse scientific method'. They determine what happened, throw out all the data that doesn't fit their conclusion, and then hail their findings as the only possible conclusion."<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-165>[166]</SUP> Eagar's criticisms also exemplify a common stance that the theories are best ignored. "I've told people that if the argument gets too mainstream, I'll engage in the debate." This, he continues, happened when Steve Jones took up the issue. The basic assumption is that conspiracy theories embody a set of previously held or quickly assembled beliefs about how society works, which are then legitimized by further "research". Taking such beliefs seriously, even if only to criticize them, it is argued, merely grants them further legitimacy.
Michael Shermer, writing in Scientific American, said: "The mistaken belief that a handful of unexplained anomalies can undermine a well-established theory lies at the heart of all conspiratorial thinking. All the evidence for a 9/11 conspiracy falls under the rubric of this fallacy. Such notions are easily refuted by noting that scientific theories are not built on single facts alone but on a convergence of evidence assembled from multiple lines of inquiry."<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-166>[167]</SUP>
Scientific American,<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-SciAm_167-0>[168]</SUP> Popular Mechanics,<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-168>[169]</SUP> and The Skeptic's Dictionary<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-169>[170]</SUP> have published articles that rebut various 9/11 conspiracy theories. Proponents of these theories have attacked the contribution to the Popular Mechanics article by senior researcher Ben Chertoff, who they say is cousin of Michael Chertoff ? current head of Homeland Security.<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-170>[171]</SUP> However, U.S News says no indication of an actual connection has been revealed and Ben Chertoff has denied the allegation.<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-171>[172]</SUP> Popular Mechanics has published a book entitled Debunking 9/11 Myths that expands upon the research first presented in the article.<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-172>[173]</SUP> Der Spiegel dismissed 9/11 conspiracy theories as a "panoply of the absurd", stating "as diverse as these theories and their adherents may be, they share a basic thought pattern: great tragedies must have great reasons."<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-173>[174]</SUP>
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im glad you referenced the fine magazine Popular Mechanics ... and im about sure you were on the last site and trying to once again antagonize and using passive aggressive psycho-analyzing to make anyone who disagrees with you seem like a conspiracy nut and not vice versa ... so i will continue to post info and not get drawn into ad hominems :)

lets check out PM's crack research expert, david coburn, being interviewed and roasted by Charles Goyette :houra

part 1

YouTube - davin coburn from popular mechanics answers 9/11 questions 1

part 2

YouTube - davin coburn from popular mechanics answers 9/11 questions 2

ps as far as chertoffs being related, a reporter phoned Ben's mother and she said they were related, so we can play both sides of that:hung puzzle.
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You guys need to start your own thread with this stuff. This is like the dream team of crime solvers here. Agent that video you posted about the Kean commision the other day made me sick to my stomach and i only caught 30 minutes of it. I'll never forget when that 9/11 commision book came out that those frauds printed, my mother bought it and asked me if i wanted to read it. I said "mom you might as well throw that collection of bullshit in the trash"
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It's a conspiracy:bank:
Incredible on the other site i just pulled out another Fox News Alabama boy. Who i think might be the worst handicapper on that site. Even know guys who have said when they bet a game and see him on it they cringe :LMAOand i feel the same way.
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Did you hear I got abolished forever there? I got a set of emails that makes me want to bitch slap someone next time I see them!


The nitwits sure stick together don't they? The same people he is placating will vote him into used car sale in 2 years, GUARANTEED.

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<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=472 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top align=left width=472 colSpan=3>[FONT=TIMES NEW ROMAN, GEORGIA, TIMES]Alleged Hijackers May Have Trained at U.S. Bases[/FONT]</TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=bottom align=left width=472 colSpan=3>[FONT=Arial, Trebuchet MS, Helvetica]The Pentagon has turned over military records on five men to the FBI[/FONT]

Alleged Hijackers May Have Trained at U.S. Bases
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

Posted By: <BIG>Phoenix</BIG>
Date: Saturday, 13 October 2001, 1:33 a.m.


This article poses great questions to this day, its one of those puzzlers that official story sheeple run from every time: how did these boxcutters get on the planes w/o a tickets and not appearing on the flight manifests?:+textinb3


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keep up good detective work dime....
you remind me of that other great american..
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HAVE WATCHED HUNDREDS OF DOCS ONLINE AND THIS MIGHT BE MY FAVE... too bad they dont show this stuff on network TV ... i guess showing Hitler on history channel 6xs a day and PBS's FRONTLINE promoting OBL as the boogey man (dead ghosts have real power yanno in the comic book world) is a great way to fill a fluff propaganda schedule.:+drinking

title is: ESOTERIC AGENDA (the last 40 mins are sensational)

Esoteric Agenda
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

as the stooge/patsy pretends to read after andy card informs him that the nation is under attack, fake planes and pics abound and no one has yet to explain them. how do planes turn a building into Jell-O. How do 19 boxcutters not appear on manifests and board planes without tickets.

the sheep will argue their master's myth and say they were withheld for security reasons. well, they were named immediately by FBI chief robert mueller, who later even admitted he might not have all their names or identity straight "but we know who they are."

yet somehow without even knowing who all these people truly were, they conclusively matched their DNA. who ever vouched for that, where is that information stored, why can't the public see any of this evidence that proves the gov/neocons are telling the truth? where are the true-camera tapes of what hit the pentagon, not the laughable 5 frames handed out as sheep mulch?

if the public witnessed what happened to the wtcs jet wise, whats the difference in showing what really hit the pentagon and created a hole a camel couldnt have passed through until they had to blow the wall down 20 mins later to hide their ridiculous tale that: a building swallowed a 757 whole and liquified its massive titanium engines.

but of course they found DNA matching all the passengers, terrorists and crew, yet these engines evaporated...

:whatever: whatever hit the wtcs, whatever exploded in the basement BEFORE the planes hit, then caused the 7 subterranean floors to burn at 3000 degrees for 100 days following 9/11--and that being with every effort by firefighters to combat a heat that routinely ate through their boots. :+clueless

[SIZE=+4]High-Ranking Military [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+4]Officers And Airline Pilots [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+4]Agree Flt 175 Did Not [/SIZE]
[SIZE=+4]Hit WTC South Tower[/SIZE]

<DT><CENTER>[SIZE=+1]By Dave vonKleist [/SIZE]</CENTER><DT><CENTER>[SIZE=+1]The Power Hour[/SIZE]
<DT><CENTER></CENTER><DT><CENTER><TABLE height=57 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=551 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top width="601%" height=56><DL><DT>[SIZE=+1]Startling new revelations about the 9/11 attacks were recently released on The Power Hour radio program. Col. George Nelson USAF (ret.), who has 30 years of experience identifying aircraft and aircraft parts stated, "The plane that hit the south tower on 9/11 was not United Airlines (UA) flight 175". After reviewing numerous video clips and photographs of the 9/11 attacks, he concluded, "That was not a commercial airliner. The planes were substituted." [/SIZE]<DT><DT>[SIZE=+1]( Listen to the re-play of AUGUST 8, 2005 Program! ) [/SIZE]<DT><DT>[SIZE=+1]This shocking conclusion is also being echoed by other military officers and commercial airline pilots.[/SIZE] <DT> <DT><DT>[SIZE=+1]Glen Standish, an airline pilot for over 20 years stated, "The plane seen in various video clips of the attack could not have been UA flight 175, due to the extra equipment that appears to be attached to the bottom of the fuselage". A mysterious "flash" is also seen in the clips that indicate possible incendiary events took place before the planes entered the towers.[/SIZE] <DT> <DT><DT>[SIZE=+1]Nila Sagadevin, a seasoned airline pilot of over 20 years, examined photos of the engine that was found at the Trade Center site. He stated, "The engine found at the Trade Center was a CFM-56, which is not utilized on a Boeing 767", confirming that the south tower was not hit by flight 175, but by another plane that had taken its place.[/SIZE] <DT> <DT><DT>[SIZE=+1]Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, US Army (ret.), an expert in photo analysis, reviewed the photos taken at the Pentagon before the collapse and concluded, "The plane does not fit in that hole!" indicating that the damage was inconsistent with a 757 strike.[/SIZE] <DT> <DT><DT>[SIZE=+1]This explosive information not only brings into question the official story of the September 11th attacks, but also the real motives behind the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the War on Terror, the beneficiaries of government contracts, and the resulting legislation like the USA Patriot Act that was passed without review by Congress after the 9/11 attacks.[/SIZE] <DT>[SIZE=+1]Because an increasing number of military personnel, civilian pilots, physicists, educators and law enforcement officials are now questioning the official story of hijackers [/SIZE][SIZE=+1]responsible for the attacks on September 11th , 2001, there is a call for the re-opening of an investigation into the 911 attacks. [/SIZE]</DT></DL></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></CENTER>
J-E-L-L-O yeah right this happened

J-E-L-L-O yeah right this happened

am i crazy but if you slo-motioned a baseball going through a window wouldnt it shatter INSTANTLY and not reseal like Liquid Metal in T2?? . . . I dunno, i wasnt much of a physics student :+signs15- :+clueless
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Controlled demolition?


Steven E. Jones and other so-called "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" have purported that the impact of aircraft hitting the World Trade Center and the resulting fires were insufficient to cause the collapse of the World Trade Center. They argue that pre-planted explosives must have been used to cause controlled demoltion and collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers.


  • The collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers initiated where the planes hit the buildings. Controlled demolitions always are initiated at the bottom of a building, to take advantage of maximum gravity forces.
  • If the World Trade Center collapsed due to controlled demolition, as the theory goes, the explosive charges would have had to survive the crash of airplanes into the buildings. (at ~500 miles per hour)
  • When a controlled demolition occurs, you hear the very loud and very distinct sound of the charges going off. These will repeatedly go off, in a quick, regular pattern, for 10+ seconds prior to the structure collapsing. While some people heard what "sounded like an explosion" at the World Trade Center, this is not what they heard or described. Nor is any such sound of demolition charges going off heard in any videos of the collapse.
  • The detonations in a controlled demolition go off in a very regular pattern, not at all like the random squibs seen on 9/11. Those squibs are the result of pockets of air (the building is ~70% air in volume) being collapsed, with pulverized gypsum (drywall) and other material being forced out.
  • Blasting caps, detonating cord, and other such evidence were not found in the World Trade Center.
:bank: </EMBED>
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

william rodriguez, the biggest hero of 9/11, invited to white house, etc. etc, testifies all over the Net and world that explosions took place internally from the basement BEFORE whatever hit the outside of the wtc he was in. But what does he know, he was only there. "I was blown upward!" were his words. Puzzler for sure.

* blasting caps, etc not found? of course not, they whisked things off and truckers were held to strict GPS routes and ordered not to deviate; listen to some sgt. targtaglia archives, he was on the wtc cleanup site for months, his teeth are falling out and he's sick as hell ... this was more sophisticated that anything the avg. person can conceive, conventional methods were not necessarily used. afterall the gov. had all the resources in the world, our 3.2 trillion the pentagon misplaced was available :fireext

the other thing i think is amusing is why couldnt they take a building down in both directions to add some "counter" thought to what the typical sheep perceives as the only way things can work?

ps roscoe why dont you identify yourself from other site since you know who i am :LMAO

pss roscoe, how do buildings "reseal' or were the wtcs made of meringue?
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

why does every great event that happens have to be a conspiracy?most times things happen as they appear!
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

do you think waco and OKC happening on 4/19 was coincidence?

and you are right, when a john q. public gets hit in the crosswalk by a chrysler i would agree its an accident ... when someone who has ties with the gov. is linked with a murder, i would start to think outside the box :)
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

the bullet that killed rfk came from the gun of sirhan sirhan. dozens of people saw him shot rfk. case closed!
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

there were 11 bullets fired that night amongst the popping balloons but why bother with facts ... is there anything the gov. has ever done wrong ... have you watched the uss liberty link i supplied, where the gov. murdered 34 navy men ... what about gulf of tonkin, lbj has admitted BS on some of his sins ... have you ever seen the panama connection (won an oscar but now banned in USA TV) or the mena doc Obstruction of Justice ... just curious if you believe everything in all instaqnces is kosher like the powers that be spiel to the sheep?
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Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

Bryant Jordan: Demand answers about the Liberty incident

01:00 AM EST on Tuesday, February 5, 2008



IN THE PAST YEAR, Congress has been busy defending the reputations of American service members.

Republicans pushed for a resolution condemning the now famous ?General Petraeus or General Betray Us?? ad. Democrats opened up a front against Rush Limbaugh after he asserted that some of those who criticize the Iraq war were actually ?phony soldiers.?

Meaningless antics.

If senators and representatives want to take up an issue that has insulted service members and their families, they can look at the Liberty, an American spy ship that was strafed, napalmed and torpedoed by Israeli air and naval forces on June 8, 1967, as it sailed in international waters [during the Six-Day War between Israel on one side and Egypt, Jordan and Syria on the other]. Thirty-four American men died in the incident; at least 173 were wounded.

For 40 years politicians have dodged this issue by relying on the Naval Court of Inquiry report that concluded that it was all a mistake. But that report never held much water. It ignored most of the testimony of the survivors. The last drop turned to vapor more than five years ago when its legal adviser, retired Capt. Ward Boston, told me the court?s work was a sham to cover up the truth.

(click link for the rest)

Bryant Jordan: Demand answers about the Liberty incident | Contributors | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal
sorry for the close to double post, didnt know about 20 minute rule

sorry for the close to double post, didnt know about 20 minute rule

there were 11 bullets fired that night amongst the popping balloons but why bother with facts ... is there anything the gov. has ever done wrong? ... have you watched the uss liberty link i supplied, where the gov. murdered 34 navy men ... what about gulf of tonkin, lbj has admitted BS on some of his sins ... have you ever seen the panama deception (won an oscar but now banned on USA TV) or the Mena doc Obstruction of Justice ... just curious if you believe everything in all instances is kosher like the powers that be syringe to the sheep?:+signs15-
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

An improbably successful cover-up
Make no mistake, the burden of proof is on the conspiracy theorists, whose case presupposes that all of the hundreds of people who participated in the clean-up, recovery and investigation following the 9/11 Pentagon attack - including scientists, engineers, coroners and professional air disaster investigators - are either dead wrong or participating in a massive, improbably successful government cover-up.
Eschewing plain facts and common sense, the conspiracy theorists ask us to focus instead on misleadingly posed condundrums such as the following:
  • Question: "Can you explain how a Boeing 757-200, weighing nearly 100 tons and travelling at a minimum speed of 250 miles an hour only damaged the outside of the Pentagon?" Answer: It didn't only damage the outside. According to the Washington Post, structural damage extended at least 150 feet inside, well into the third ("C") ring of the building.
  • Question: "Can you explain how a Boeing 14.9 yards high, 51.7 yards long, with a wingspan of 41.6 yards and a cockpit 3.8 yards high, could crash into just the ground floor of this building?" Answer: It didn't just crash into the ground floor. According to official statements and news reports, it took out both the first and second floors on impact.
  • Question: "Can you find debris of a Boeing 757-200 in this photograph?" Answer: No, but we can in this one credited to a U.S. Navy photographer [enlarged version]. Bear in mind, eyewitnesses say the Boeing 757 virtually disintegrated when it struck the reinforced wall of the building. Given that, and the tremendous forward momentum of the aircraft on impact, the assumption that a significant amount of debris ought to be visible in front of the Pentagon wouldn't seem justified.
    According to a CNN article published the day after the attack, Michael Tamillow, a battalion chief of the Fairfax County, Virginia Fire Department, reported that parts of the Boeing 757 fuselage had indeed been recovered from the wreckage by FBI investigators (the same team that later found the black boxes). "No large pieces apparently survived," the article said.
    One visitor who surveyed the crash site a few days later, Representative Judy Biggert of Illinois, told reporters she saw remnants of the jetliner: "There was a seat from a plane," she said, "there was part of the tail and then there was a part of green metal, I could not tell what it was, a part of the outside of the plane." (Chicago Sun-Times, 16 Sep, 2001)
<TABLE cellPadding=5 align=right><TBODY><TR><TD>:LMAO <SCRIPT language=javaScript src="" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT><!-- Begin Poll Code --><!-- End Poll Code --></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>Here's one obvious question the conspiracy theorists don't ask and certainly could not answer in any compelling way: If American Airlines Flight 77 didn't crash into the Pentagon, what did happen to the jetliner and all its passengers? Did it vanish into thin air?
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

no one knows on either side where they went, which deflates your equivocating point, but obviously by looking at my PICTURES, no 757 hit the pentagon -- or do you have pictures showing one did, LMAO ... and the gov is afraid to share their confiscated film, just like certain people are afraid the identify themselves :)

why wont the pentagon show their film from one of their 77 cameras?:+clueless
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

Former Governor Jesse Ventura: WTC Collapse A Controlled Demolition

Navy veteran and movie star savages official story, says media covering up truth about attacks
Paul Joseph Watson

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura vehemently savaged the official 9/11 story on a syndicated national radio show today, saying the WTC collapsed like a controlled demolition and was pulverized to dust as he also highlighted the impossible 10 second free fall speed of the towers.

Appearing on The Alex Jones Show, Ventura said that his initial reaction to 9/11 was much like most people at the time, and he accepted the official story outright, a response he now regrets because he was in a position of power and could have used it to raise a lot of pointed questions.

"I kicked myself when it initially happened that the light didn't go off but I was so shocked that this thing had even taken place that I apologize for not being more aware," said Ventura, adding that watching Loose Change at the insistence of his son was part of the catalyst for his wake up call.

"To me questions haven't been answered and are not being answered about 9/11," said Ventura, before highlighting the collapse of Building 7, a 47-story tall skyscraper that was not hit by a plane but collapsed in its own footprint in the late afternoon of September 11.

"Two planes struck two buildings....but how is it that a third building fell 5 hours later?" asked Ventura, "How could this building just implode into its own footprint 5 hours later - that's my first question - the 9/11 Commission didn't even devote one page to that in their big volume of investigation," added the former Governor.

Ventura then explored how it was possible that all three buildings could rapidly collapse at almost free fall speed.

"How could those buildings fall at the speed of gravity - if you put a stopwatch on them both of those World Trade Center buildings were on the ground in ten seconds - how can that be?" asked Ventura.

"If you took a billiard ball and dropped it from the height of the World Trade Center in a vacuum it would hit the ground in 9.3 seconds and if you took that same billiard ball and dropped it 10 stories at a time and merely stopped it and started it it would take 30 seconds - if you dropped it every floor of the World Trade Center to the ground, simply stopping and starting it on gravity it would take over 100 seconds to reach the ground," he surmised.
The former wrestling star then questioned how low-temperature burning jet fuel could melt steel.

"Jet fuel is four fifths kerosene - which is not a hot burning fuel - and they wanted us to believe it melted these steel structured girders and caused these buildings to pancake collapse to the ground?" he stated.

"I was on the site within two weeks after it happened and I saw none of these pancakes - wouldn't they all be piled up in a huge mass on the ground and yet everything was blown into dust - when you look at it from that aspect none of it makes any sense," said Ventura.

"Never before in the annuls of history has a fire caused a steel structure building to fall to the ground like these two did," he concluded.

Having undergone Basic Underwater Demolition Seal training, Ventura is speaking from an experienced standpoint and he unequivocally stated that he thought the buildings were deliberately imploded.

"Upon looking at the film in super-slow motion and the way the buildings fell and comparing that to the way that they do like a controlled demolition of a hotel in Las Vegas, they both fell identical."

"I did watch the film of Building 7 going down and in my opinion there's no doubt that that building was brought down with demolition," said the former Governor.

Ventura also questioned the lack of wreckage outside of the Pentagon after Flight 77 allegedly struck the building.

"When I was watching Loose Change with a friend of mine - he happens to work for a company that helps build the Boeing airplanes and they said that when the engines completely disappeared and were destroyed, his response was, excuse my French - bullshit!," said Ventura.

"I turned to him and said why and he said because they're made of titanium steel - they can't disintegrate."

Ventura said that the corporate media were going to continue to cover-up the truth about 9/11, but that the number of credible people speaking out and increasing education and knowledge about the subject would eventually reap dividends.

"We don't want to lose our country, after all it's still our country and until they put us down we have the power," Ventura concluded.
Click here to listen to the full interview.
for all the Roscoes: submitted for your approval :)

for all the Roscoes: submitted for your approval :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

<!-- Begin .post -->Would You Want to Know?

Given many people's strong psychological bias against questioning the government's version of 9/11, I wonder if an alternative approach might be helpful.

Specifically, psychologists tell us that many people project parental roles onto the government. Therefore, psychologists say, questioning the government is like questioning one's own parents. Because many people need to believe that the government is protecting them, believing that the government could carry out false flag terror is terrifying.

So psychologists say that if you just try to hammer people with facts, you probably won't reach many of them!

Instead, try starting with the following question (I'll explain why below):
We're adults.

But if you were still a kid, and your parents were abusing you, would you want to know or not?

In other words, if your parents had such severe problems that they were threatening your life and very survival, and if there were other people that could help you and protect you and make you safe, would you want to know what your parents were doing so someone could help you, or would you want to just go along and pretend it wasn't happening, even though your life was actually in danger?
I think that most people would say "I'd want to know what my parents were doing". Even if they were one of the majority of people who repress painful memories in order to cope with them, and even if they were one of the many people who were actually abused as children and yet chose to believe their parents were good people who would never harm them, everyone wants to appear logical and intelligent.

Now the benefit of this question is that -- once people say that they would "want to know" -- they have chosen the fork in the road that leads to thinking about things like false flag terror. Specifically, once people choose the "want to know" option, it is easy to follow with this statement:
Yes, I think it is better to know.

How about if bad apples within our government were abusing us . . . would you want to know, so that we can replace them with good people, and make sure that others can't pull the same shenanigans?
Almost everyone will reply with a "yes" answer. So now you can discuss false flag attacks. I would recommend starting out by saying something like:
Well, bad apples within foreign governments have intentionally killed their own citizens for short-term political gain.

For example, the Nazis killed German citizens at a radio station and blamed it on the Poles, as an excuse to invade Poland.

And the Turks killed some of their own and pretended that the PKK did it, in order to justify a crackdown on that group.

And -- as admitted by the Israelis -- Israelis killed Americans and other westerners in Egypt, and planted fake evidence implicating Egypt for the killings, in order to justify war against Egypt.

And, as confirmed by a former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence, NATO, with the help of U.S. special forces, carried out terror bombings in Italy and blamed the communists, in order to rally people?s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism.

And recently declassified official documents show that in the 1960's, the American Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a plan to blow up AMERICAN airplanes (using an elaborate plan involving the switching of airplanes), and also to commit terrorist acts on American soil, and then to blame it on the Cubans in order to justify an invasion of Cuba.

In fact, this abuse by "bad apples" in governments around the world is so common that there is a name for it: "false flag terror", based on the practice of old wooden navy ships sometimes hiding their own national flag and raising their enemy's flag before firing on one of their own ships, so they could blame it on the country whose flag they raised.

Do you think the bad apples who plan these types of "false flags" should be fired from government and replaced by more honest people? Do you think they should be criminally prosecuted for attempted murder?
Virtually everyone will answer yes to this.

So now you've informed them about false flag terror, educated them about specific examples, and gotten them to agree that the people who plan and carry out false flag terror should be prosecuted.

From here, you can bring up 9/11, efforts to stop future false flag attacks, and other related topics.

Give it a try.

Note: If the person you are speaking with was actually abused as a child -- a large percentage of the American population has been -- he or she may become very angry at you for bringing up a painful topic that has been long buried. If this happens, don't take it personally, and just politely say that if they don't want to discuss painful issues, you will drop it for now. And then wish them well.

This is not a total loss: understanding that one is avoiding something is the first step in being willing (eventually) to look at it.
Re: Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

the audio sucks on this but you want to learn the truth about iraq and where it came from and leads, unclog your mind and step in: red pill time, guys. watch USA soldiers rape young Iqari women and learn how Bush lied on the yellow cake in the Niger doc.--tons more is you have stomach to learn the facts.

Watch Iraq, PNAC, 911, Where do all the Roads Lead? Online Free

Iraq, PNAC, 911, Where do all the Roads Lead?
We know the war in Iraq was based on lies and we know where those lies came from and how the press has covered it up. We know those same people in the DOD wrote up PNAC which called for a the war and an attack like 911. The Mossad was caught filming 911 and living next door to hijackers. Israel
been busted 3 times spying on the US since 911. Let me tell you who really put the bombs in the towers.