Trump steamed up to -150

if I heard this correctly exit polling from NPR had muslims at 35% for does that happen
Well there's a lot of misinformation and lies being trafficked of conservative right wing radio being broadcasted in farsi, arabic and spanish. 90% of political radio is conservation right wing hate. So many latino, muslim, Persian Americans are easily influenced by the lies and misinformation being spewed by right wing hate radio that dominates the airways.
if I heard this correctly exit polling from NPR had muslims at 35% for does that happen
I'd like to know how if trump did way better with hispanics, and way better with blacks, and now better with muslims(apparently) , he still lost.

Kinda strange he did better with blacks almost everywhere, except where he really needed them?
85,000 registered voters in Navajo Nation 76,000 voted. 89% turn out . Of those 76,000 voters 74,000 voted for Biden & 2,000 for Trump. Biden’s current lead in Arizona sits at about 40,000.

That make me laugh till my gut hurt.
Guess who wants to do things like that, and guess who is resistant to it, and goes to court to stop it.

A postmaster would have zero clue whether or not mail was delayed. Mail is delayed at point of induction not at a delivery facility. There is no square footage available at a delivery facility to store anything. It usually sits in trailers outside processing hubs heavily secured. Delay of mail contravenes not only the Postal Act but several labor agreements as volume counts for route restructures are done in delivery facilities. A National delay of mail grievance is easily worth multi millions of dollars in unscheduled overtime settlements.

These fukkin lawyers making up bullshit about mail have no clue how mail is processed. If they did, they would very quickly shut the fukk up.