Tua vs Hurts in the 2023 Super Bowl?

Dell Dude

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Not only Ziegler dodged a bullet. We all did. I don't even want to think what kind of offspring those 2 would have produced. A win for humanity.

Dell Dude

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I think he plays final game or playoffs because why not. And even if no additional obvious incident, will fuck up his brain even more.

boston massacre

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It took Miami over two decades to find a QB after Marino, they might have finally found one, and now he'll end up having to retire in a year or two due to health concerns

they might have finally found one.

Really ?

What Makes You Think That ?

They've Certainly Found A Pair Of Great Wide Receivers.

Haven't Seen Any Evidence Of Finding A QB.


EOG master
Another bad day for the Tua haters, at this point I'm not sure what more he has to do to prove himself # TuaNon