Who has the best EOG team?

Re: Who has the best EOG team?

Colon continues to dominate

Bartolo Colon, SP NYY
News: Yankees SP Bartolo Colon allowed four hits and struck out seven in six scoreless innings of a simulated game Tuesday. "As the time goes by, I feel better and better," Colon said through a translator. "Everything is good. I need to continue to work." Colon threw 56 of 79 pitches for strikes. "He's throwing a ton of quality pitches," manager Joe Girardi said.

stud sleeper of the year. no big deal
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Mo still ripping timely hard.

I love how RJ is just forgotten in this now and it's just Mo v Timely out of nowhere :LMAO
I was joking around with the guy and then he just snapped - good times. I never said anything about him offering me trades. Guy just get's pushed off the deep end with ease.
Re: Who has the best EOG team?

Tripp nothing i can do man

Out of 12 guys someone will always have an issue

Picking this date and sticking with it unless more than 2 have a problem
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just make it 11 pm and i can make it, no chance i can for 9 and not ending up like last year where i have auto draft and get screwed with a shit team