Who has the best EOG team?

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Good sign. LOL. Guy makes $3 billion and Yanks fans are happy when he gives up 4 runs in 7 innings.
He's a slow starter. His start last year was WORSE than this, much worse. 4 runs doesn't tell how he pitched tonight. He was sharp, finally started striking out guys, and only gave up 6 hits and no walks.

WHIP under 1 is a good outing. He just happen to give his hits out in the same innings which cost him 4 runs. He will only get better and will absolutely dominate the shit Angels later this week.
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nats could actually have a decent record right now if it weren't for their shitty closing. that's 3 or 4 games now they've lost when they had the lead very late.
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do you still have fowler starting mc? 2-2 with a walk, 2 R's (on third with no one out also) and 3 sb. all this and it's i think the 4th inning.

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5 sb for fowler and only in the 4th!
5?!!?!? holy shit.

i think i read in the cbs blog they have 8 sb's as a team already in this game and 0 cs. what the hell is going on, is it young not holding them or the catcher having no arm? nyy had this happen to them last year with posada.