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TYVM Morgan William!!!
Hospital just called. They have a bed available (I can only stay on the 8th Floor - that is their "Cancer Floor" and the where they have all patients fighting Cancer stay). I was asked to be there by 2P (Just under 4 hours from now). Dad will be driving me since I can't/don't drive (My right leg is too weak and as loaded on painkilling drugs as I am I am a DUI waiting to happen so I don't drive and won't drive until I am better).

This visit will not be fun at all. I have headaches right now. I think it might be something needing a dentist visit but I couldn't go until recently because my White Blood Cell count was too low for my Oncologist to allow it and when it got high enough I didn't have time to book an appointment.

This is Visit #3 and a huge one. After this one I will get a scan so we can see how much progress has been made on the mass. I will be in until Saturday-ish. Once I come home I will still be loaded with Chemo. I will spend almost 2 full days in bed only getting out because my mother makes me - something she is right in doing.

I'll text JK with updates if there are any. The hospital has WiFi but locks this site because it is gambling related so I have to turn off WifFi to come here. I would normally lower the hospital's "Power Rating" but Hoag is a great one and me beating this is far more important.

Not gonna lie - I am scared of all of this even though I know what to expect. I have been told by too many people out there I will beat this but until I get told I am Cancer Free I will continue to be scared of all that is going on.

To all sending alone your best wishes and all..............Thanks! It means more to me than you will ever know
Whenever i had anxiety or "scared" i remembered joshua 1:9 which says I have commanded you to be courageous and strong, for the Lord your God is with you whereever you go.

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Joshua 1:9 9Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

Joshua 1:9.

At Churchill Downs last Saturday night, a horse named Bulletin finished fourth in the featured eighth race at odds of 1:9.

It's rare to see a 1:9 shot fail to finish first, second or third.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Got the BIG bag of Chemo last night about 930p. Not yet fucked up by Chemo but that should happen within the next 24 hours rendering me useless until around Tuesday May 7-ish


TYVM Morgan William!!!
I got a Scan of the Mass on Thursday. I got the result on Monday, May 20. I was hoping to find out at least 55% of the Mass was gone. Nope! The doctor put me in tears when he said....................THE ENTIRE MASS IS 100% GONE! That means I am 100% Cancer Free.

When he told me I had Cancer I was speechless and unable to put into words my feelings. When he told me I no longer had Cancer I was speechless and unable to put into words my feelings.

I still have to go back for 3 more Chemo sessions. More of "preventative maintenance." UGH! As much as they suck I hate them but the 3 I already had saved my life so I guess it is time to STFU and just go back for 3 more. I am hoping to go back for #4 next week and be done with #6 by the first week-ish of August.

I was told the Cancer ate away part of my bone but that is OK. Or not that bad. But what the Doc did say was excessive exercising might not be something I can do - since the more I exercise the worse it will be. I have no idea what that means as far as being able to officiate basketball this coming season. Or ever again. As much as I would like to officiate again if I can't - so be it. I am not one to complain knowing what I overcame.

Thank you to all of you for your support. Beating it is a WE AND NOT A ME effort! I had a 0% chance of beating this on my own. The ONLY way I could have beaten this is with all of the support I got from more people than I ever dreamed I would get help from. TYVM to all out there.



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Tremendous news Winkyduck that you are 100 per cent cancer free ! Time for only good health for you and for you to regain your strength and happiness. In mathematical terms- Awesome times Awesome !


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Congrats, no doubt in time your body will get stronger and you can go back to near normal exercise levels.
First off - THANK YOU to all of the well wishes sent my way. It is appreciated more than you know. I am still trying to process all that has gone on the last 3-ish months and what the doc aid Monday. I was in the room with my Mom, Sis and Bro and we didn't expect him to say what he said but were amazed to hear it

As for going back to what I used to be as far as exercise levels...................that is the real "Catch 22" here. My last Chemo session should be around the first week-ish of August meaning by around Labor Day I will be done with Chemo and the after effects of it. This means I can start ramping up my exercise levels but not too much. Doc said because my leg/bone is the way it is I can't do as much as I want because it will wear me out. He doesn't know how long it will be this way. He said it could be short term or it could be long term. He doesn't know. So while I would like to start working out as much as I have and doing as many games as I have the reality is I might not be able to do that. If so it would suck but at the same point in time, I am alive. I will not die of cancer. Or rather I will not die of Cancer from THIS one. If it means I can never ref another game but I will live another 20-30+ years, while it will suck that is a trade-off I have to accept. And one I will. If it means all I can do is keep score for local high schools - so be it. This whole nightmare has made me realize what is important in life - and what is not. It has taught me to value the little things I did not prior to this. I always appreciated and loved my family and friends and this has made me realize how lucky I am to have both that are better than I deserve. I now value every second of every day because I never know when my last second on this planet will come.