Your Level of Concern About the Coronavirus......on a scale of 1-10


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The fucking mutt sure loves his anecdotal cases.

How many thousand fully vaxxed, double masked stories we could post here today?

Does the fucking mutt think he's smarter than others because he buys some bullshit from Big Pharma?

how did your stocks do today? gold 1840


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The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite shed 166.64 points, or 1.1%, to 14340.26. It finished the day 10.7% below its all-time closing high, set in November. A decline of greater than 10% is considered a correction for a stock index.


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Ok, Q people. with a raise of your hands....How many of you have slept in your cars going from rally to rally?

I bet they pay their taxes even though they're the ones that favor lower taxes, scumbag.

The Daily Show is where this tax cheat gets his opinions. Says it all.

mr merlin

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Ok, Q people. with a raise of your hands....How many of you have slept in your cars going from rally to rally?

Watched the 1st 10 seconds, as soon as he referred to people attending a protest insurrectionists i turned it off since obviously that's a sign of extreme bias.


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5 embarrassing replies and not a valid point in a one of them.

71 times they took their crying and whining to the court system. Most in front of their own judges, and they were able to win ONE insignificant case that mattered nothing in the grand scheme of things.


Keep bringing that heat Q.

The world is watching.

And belly laughing!!!!


boston massacre

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Supreme Court Ensures Trump's Dream Of A Total Coverup Has Died​

This Communist Posts About an Individual, Who is Not President, Instead of The Individual, Who is President.

He's Been Obsessed With Trump's Anal Passage Everyday, For The Last 6 Years.

Scum Rats Always Hide From Truth and Reality.

Doesn't Work in America.

Maybe Works in His Communist Homeland.

His Homeland is Probably Where The Trump/Russian Collusion is Located.

He's Very Frightened To Speak About It.

The Lying Fake News Sucked Him In.

That's All They Care About.

Hoodwink The Suckers.

mr merlin

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The last of Bidens vaccine mandates - this time for federal workers, was just struck down.

What a losing streak the guy's on.


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Bushay, tell the fucking mutt you'll pay your taxes when Trump pays his
Better question is who told this idiot I don't pay my taxes? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

How the fuck would he or anyone know if I did or didn't?

One thing I do know is the people doing the accusing 90% of the time are doing it themselves.

Whether it be not paying taxes, committing crimes, snitching, whatever the topic. You can pretty much bet the one shouting it is doing it himself trying to distract from the real person he's accusing. Those are pretty much facts.

With my age, income, and the fact I'm retired now, I'd bet damn near anything I've paid more taxes in my life than 90% in here.

Fun watching them struggle with this as well.