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Cancer sucks!!
Pulling for both you and Wink 😉
I had most of colon removed in 2000,
And in 2016 most of stomach removed.

Hoping for good health for you both!!

John Kelly

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I'm eager to bet second-round NCAA tournament games next Saturday and Sunday.

I love watching the Thursday and Friday games while thinking about wagers for Saturday and Sunday.
When that Spartan guy came back on court at halftime & he didn't break a bone, I thought my bet on the Wolverines was gonna get screwed...sure enough, Spartans got a badly needed emotional lift. Bummer bet.


TYVM Morgan William!!!
im on cancer meds, plus hate the sport, my fault for participating.
Matt and I have known each other for a long time. LONNNNNNNNNNG time. We all know about my Cancer fight and I appreciate all of the well wishes and all that have been sent my way. It is truly appreciated.

We also need to spend time doing the same with Rail. I have been told my Cancer is beatable and by around Labor Day I should be Cancer Free. Speaking to Rail and his situation, sure sounds like I am in much better condition to win my fight than he is his.

So the next time someone extends well wishes to me - add in 1 more for Rail. He might need it more than me.


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Try giving you the benefit of the doubt Rail, but after winning 3 months, now you bring up cancer? And I’m not making light of cancer, we’ve all been effected by it, lost my mom. Rail, you're a punk!
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