Dave Cokin, portrait of a fraud tout


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Pervert like weinstein

True......I visited Lee Pete and Cokin when they were at the Imperial Palace......Went up and introduced myself and girlfriend
to Cokin. Fucker spent the whole radio break flirting with her lol.....More Cokin when he sat next to Laila Ali at
some boxing function actually posting something that he actually had a chance with her. Fucker....
He wins at every site he goes to. Amazing. I have seen him pick opposite side same game at different sites. Still does not lose. Game was cancelled.
I've talked about Cokin in the past. I've always thought Cokin was the BEST tout. Or the LEAST BAD tout, if u will.

Some of my thoughts go back to the Stone Age. Specifically, I can go back 25+ years. Remember when Feist put out the Preview mags for NFL/NBA/CollBask? Don't laugh, those mags had some value.

That goes back to pre-Internet or very early days of the Internet. Therefore, information was much harder to find. The Feist mags had GameLogs for all teams. And some of the cappers like Cokin would dole out some tips on technical handicapping. At a time when information was sparse, those writeups had some value.

That's a LONG time ago. But I feel confident saying that Cokin WAS at one time a winning capper. Sites ran handicapping contests + Cokin won several of them. Keep in mind that the LINES were much softer then.

Scroll forward 25 years. Lines are much sharper. Information flows like the wind. I don't know about Cokin's RECENT track record. I think it's fair to say that he should stick to MLB/CollFB/CollBask, if he was honest about it.