Detroit Lions 2023 Season Thread


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Big win for the Lions. Chiefs worst WR performance across the board in a long, long time. But Lions have deserved it.


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4th and 25

Video game football. I'm interested in trying to figure out why punt wasn't the call there. I just genuinely feel like social media and everything else has altered our existence.

No idea why professional athletes like the wide receivers KC has dropped so many passes as well.

I'm fully convinced we are in a time period where anything goes.


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Mitch Albom: Detroit Lions outplayed Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs to justify the hype​

The house was on fire, the hostile crowd was wild, conventional wisdom called for surrender, punt the ball, you have the lead, it’s fourth-and-2 on the opponent’s 45-yard line, only a few minutes left in the game. You gotta punt it, right?
Dan Campbell didn’t need a microsecond.
“GO!” he screamed, his face nearly crimson.
So the Detroit Lions went. They went for broke. They went for glory. Jared Goff took the fourth-down snap, dropped back, released a pass …
And the ball was knocked down.
It could have been a classic Detroit overreach. A blunder that cost the night.
But not this night.
Less than three minutes later, the Lions STILL won. They just defeated the Super Bowl champions, on the road, in the season opener, in front of the whole world, because “Go!” with this team doesn’t just mean “Go!” It means “Don’t stop!”

So the Lions didn’t stop. A team that hadn’t won an opener in six years, a team that hasn’t won a playoff game since the 1990s, a team last seen beating a legend, Aaron Rodgers, in Lambeau Field, dug in, squeezed the mighty Chiefs until they went limp, and beat a second legend, Patrick Mahomes, in a second football temple, Arrowhead Stadium.
They did it with grit, with power, with offensive line dominance, with timely completions, with a successful fake punt inside their own 20 yard-line, with a ramrod rushing attack, and with a surprisingly tight defense, their weakest link last season. They shut down Mahomes, the face of the league, harassing his receivers into 18 incompletions, and pushing him further and further backward, until his final play was fourth-and-25.
And no, he didn’t convert that.

“You either get a thumbs up or a thumbs down in this league,“ said NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth after Detroit held on to upset the champs, 21-20. “And the Lions just got a thumbs up.”
Yes, they did.

They were found Superman's kryptonite​

Stop rubbing your eyes, folks. We’re not making this up. The Lions, scoring just 14 points on offense, defeated mighty Kansas City by gaining more first downs, winning time of possession, throwing no interceptions, and limiting Mahomes to only a few magical plays, instead of his normal bagful.
“You guys give Patrick Mahomes the ball back, with two and a half minutes to go, Chiefs down by one,” NBC’s Melissa Stark asked Goff. “We’ve seen this script before. What’s going through your mind?”
“Not today,” Goff answered. “Not with our crew out there.’
Not today. The Lions secondary, buoyed by newly acquired trash-talker C.J. Gardner-Johnson, broke up passes and blanketed routes. They forced K.C. into a holding penalty, then a false start penalty, until fourth-and-25 was all the Chiefs had left, and even Mahomes couldn’t make that one happen.
This on a night when the Lions rookies — tight end Sam LaPorta, running back Jahmyr Gibbs, linebacker Jack Campbell, and defensive back Brian Branch — all made key contributions, making Brad Holmes look even smarter than he’s been looking lately. Branch had a one-handed interception that he returned for a touchdown. I think it was the first time he touched a regular-season NFL football.

Consider what the Lions did here. They went on the road, to face a team was 9-1 in openers under coach Andy Reid, and 5-0 in openers with Mahomes under center. And they shut them both down! Against this revamped Lions defense, Mahomes, at times, looked — and I know this is sacrilege — mortal.
The funny thing is, the Lions weren’t perfect themselves. Marvin Jones fumbled in the red zone to kill a promising drive. A snap hit their own man and Goff had to scramble save the ball. They didn’t convert that late fourth-down call.
But when they needed to be solid, they were a sequoia tree.
JEFF SEIDEL:These Lions announced themselves — and their fans — to the world with a stunner

Far from the 'Same Old Lions'​

The stretch that won them the game began, as such stretches often do, with an almost unnoticed sequence. Fourth quarter, Chiefs up, 17-14, and holding the ball, second and one, at the Lions 20.
At that moment, it seemed to all the world that Mahomes would finish the drive with some whimsical touchdown, the lead would be double digits, NBC would cut to a State Farm commercial featuring — of course — Mahomes, and the Lions would fold when they came back.
Instead, the Lions stuffed the second-and-1 jet sweep attempt for a loss.
On third-and-2, they got good pressure and forced an incompletion.
K.C. kicked a field goal, and Detroit was only down six instead of 10.
That was critical.
On the ensuing drive, facing a third-and-12, Goff didn’t blink. He found Josh Reynolds over the middle for 18 yards. It was the kind of play Goff made all night, standing tall, enjoying the extra second of protection that this well-assembled line now provides, and laser-passing to an open receiver.
A few plays later, Goff hit his biggest pass of the night, a 33-yarder, again to Reynolds, and the Lions then rode newly-acquired David Montgomery into the end zone. It was 21-20, and while most of the world thought the Chiefs would come back, the Lions apparently did not.

Not today, as Goff said.
Maybe not this year.

If you thought the hype was wild before ...​

Now, a word of caution, in case you are Googling “How to buy Super Bowl tickets.” The first week in the NFL is notorious for red herrings. Three years ago, lowly-regarded Jacksonville beat Indianapolis, 27-20, in the season opener.
It would be the only game Jacksonville won all year.
Twenty years ago, New England lost, 31-0, to Buffalo in their season premiere. The Patriots would go on to win the Super Bowl. The Bills would finish 6-10.
So when Goff was asked what this game means to Detroit, and he told NBC, “It means we’re 1-0," he’s showing the right attitude.
CARLOS MONARREZ:Lions overcome blatant non-calls, show the world they're for real in Kansas City
Just as the Lions' performance Thursday night showed the right stuff for an opener. Not a ton of mistakes. Good timing. Hey. Considering this was the first time Campbell unwrapped the offense all year, it looked remarkably smooth. The Lions had a total of four penalties. Goff needed one series to get his rhythm, and was then as sharp as a Ginzu knife set. He outdueled Mahomes, had more yards (253) and more completions — especially when it mattered most.
Still as Goff said, it just means they're 1-0.
On the other hand …
It was one game, but it was more than one game. It was one win, but it was bigger than one win. It was a reversal of fortune, in what everyone in the Motor City hopes is a permanent change in direction. It sure looked real Thursday night. And if nothing else, it gives fans an awful lot to chew on over the next 10 days, until the Lions play again.

Just before Thursday’s opener began, Collinsworth told the national audience: “The hype train is over, Detroit. Time to go to work.”
They went to work, all right. But the train is now opposite from over. It’s motoring down the tracks. That’s what happens when you yell “GO!”
Contact Mitch Albom: Check out the latest updates with his charities, books and events at Follow him @mitchalbom.


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Lions, Admittedly, Got A Nice Break, Not Having To Worry About Covering Travis Kelce.

1st Rd. Pick Gibbs, Looked Good.

I think Gibbs will be even better on field turf/artificial surface where he can really use that speed. I do have a few questions on the Lions' vaunted O-line in their run blocking. Montgomery had about 70 yards on 20 carries but he earned every yard; no runs over 8 yards and much of his yardage came after contact.


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Aside from Stafford winning one SB for Rams, who knew Lions would get the better of the deal long term with Goff.

One big difference with Goff in DET, the happy feet the plagued him in LA have disappeared..

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I posted it was a great trade no matter the result. Only question was execution of all those dwaft picks.


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Aside from Stafford winning one SB for Rams
Winning a SB means the trade was a great one for the Rams, makes no difference how Goff performs this year or the rest of his career, when you make a trade and the result is a championship, that trade was a good one, period


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It was a great trade for the Lambs because of result. They got their 1 trophy.
You make a trade to bring in a QB, that QB helps you win a SB, it doesn't matter who or what you gave up, winning the SB makes thw trade a great one for the Rams, that's how it works, had they not beat the Bengals, different story


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Yep and it literally set them back 5 years, Stafford is now damaged goods, half the team doesn't like him meanwhile
Lions are a emerging franchise for the next 5.
Doesn't matter if the trade sets them back 5 years, they won the SB, that makes the trade a great one. If I were to ask a Lions fan if they won the SB this year, would they be okay with their team being bad for the next 5 years, I think they would take that deal, as would fans of most teams, if you tell me the Fins win the SB this year, but they'll be bad for the next 5, I'll take that in a second.


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You make a trade to bring in a QB, that QB helps you win a SB, it doesn't matter who or what you gave up, winning the SB makes thw trade a great one for the Rams, that's how it works, had they not beat the Bengals, different story

Thanks for reminding me it was the Bengals. Like most bettors the past is the past. Trophies are for fans. Lions are a bet on, Rams a fade now.

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Guilty please note. That type of trade is usually catastrophic. No trophy and a total collapse, rebuild. Teams that try to duplicate will not be successful. Lambs got Andrew Lucky. Had a 1 year window and they won it.


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Had a 1 year window and they won it.
It was longer than a 1 year window, remember in 2019 they reached the SB but lost to the Patriots, they also gave up picks to acquire Jalen Ramsey, Von Miller, and I think there was another guy they picked up as well, the Rams basically sold their future for a chance to win it all, and winning the SB makes every trade and every pick they gave up worth it, had they lost to the Bengals, looking back it would have been a disaster, but now it's a win/win for the Rams and Lions

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Similar trade with opposite result was Doyle Alexander for a futures cat prospect named Johnny Smoltz. Doyle went 9-0 and helped the Tigers win the East but they couldn't handle the noise at the Metrodome and lost in 4 to the Twinkies. Maybe they got swept. Don't remember. Bad trade Tigers.


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The hype leading up to the Lions vs Seattle at Ford Field is incredible.

Standing room only tickets are going for $175.

Seats in my section, I'm on the 40, are now going for $650 on StubHub.

It's turning out to be the most sought after ticket for a sporting event in Detroit probably since when the Red Wings were making their Stanley Cup runs.

If the Lions keep winning, the hype train will keep rolling.

I expect it to be loud and crazy this Sunday.

Then there is this: CJGJ told Lions fans to wear blue ski masks to home opener. Now they’re sold out on Amazon


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About time for the long suffering Lions fan. I am happy for you Mr. Bowling.

the last 40 years of the Lions have been very frustrating and disappointing. So much heartbreak. We saw Billy Sims come and go. Barry Sanders come and go. Calvin Johnson come and go. Coaches come and go. The Matt Millen era, 0-16, and just about every way possible to lose a football game, I've seen it all. Everything but winning!

The only thing constant has been the Ford Field, who may have finally got it right, with Sheila Ford.

Our last playoff win was in Jan 1992 vs Dallas. I was supposed to go to the game but got the flu and couldn't go. We haven't had a home playoff game since Jan 1994, 30 years ago. In that game, vs GB, Favre 40 yard TD pass to Sterling Sharpe with 55 seconds left did the Lions away, and it has been down hill ever since.

I love my betting positions on the Lions too. I have a 30-1 bet to win the Super Bowl and a +175 bet to win the Division. They are now 16-1 to win the Super Bowl, and -130 to win the division.

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Calm down, Bowling. They won against the banged up Chiefs with a pick 6 and all those dropped passes. Let's cee of they can match Spiderman with 4-0.


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Calm down, Bowling. They won against the banged up Chiefs with a pick 6 and all those dropped passes. Let's cee of they can match Spiderman with 4-0.
LOL....Sunday will be interesting. Seattle has kind of owned them lately, I wouldn't lay with the Lions, if anything I would bet Seattle near kickoff.


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Greetings from Ford Field. Lions up 14-7 @ the half getting the ball first in the 2H. Crowd is very energetic deafening. Been a long time coming. Statue if Barry Sanders was unveiled , great tribute video too! Defense playing great, offense holding up well too!


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if i lose this detroit ML bet ..i want a complete investigation by all lions fans at EOG and have the results on my desk in the morning...

steve mcGarrett