Fezzik For November...

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Philip is the answer to one of my favorite trivia questions.

Question: Name the college football player to win five MVPs in five bowl game appearances.

Answer: Rivers at North Carolina State (He won the Senior Bowl MVP after winning MVPs in three Tangerine Bowls and one Gator Bowl).


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Fezz on WASH +6.5 tonight. I'm pulling for him since I'm on the same side. A loss and he's close to breaking even for the year less the service cost of course. November was a disaster I wont post the units lost in case there are women and children viewing.


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Fezzik now at -2.11 for the year. Do you laugh or cry when a 33 year old running back goes 90 yards & blows up the under 59 prop on a single carry, for 2 units?
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The other funny thing is on the podcast fezzik is getting crushed on bets where other people bet against him on his opinions. 50% yet down double digits in units.