Goon's Gamble - NHL 2018-2019

I already have the over in that Vegas/Philly game, no need to double up on it. The Vegas 3rd pairing is really weak and Philly will exploit that. Philly PP can be lethal. I expect Vegas to get chances as well, should be a 4-3 type of game


TYVM Morgan William!!!
I played the Caps last night and now I see Leaves money coming in and I do not understand why. But I am happy cuz now I can play the Caps at a better price.

I see Caps +140ish to win in 60 and +230ish for the PL.....Think they win in 60 and 50/50 they cover the PL
These Maple Leafs have one Achilles heel and one only from capturing another cup in their storied franchise. And that's the Washington Capitals. Babcock needs to brainstorm and figure out a way to beat these guys unless someone else does it for them in an earlier playoff round.
Carolina dominated this game. Penalties were 11-7 in favor of the Canes but it doesn't matter, Canes still dominated them in 5 on 5 play outshooting them 30-14. This is a game the final score didn't tell the whole story.
I'm new here, so feel free to tell me to take a hike, but is there any way to keep this thread for Goon's picks only?
Yes, that's why I started posting in my own thread. Goon deserves his own thread for posting picks.. But you're not going to make any money following unless you can get down on his props. Which I doubt they let him unload too heavy.
Saturday Totals: 1-5 -5.23 units

Not much to say about Saturday aside from it being ugly early and late. Lost 3 games in OT where my pick was leading well into the 3rd period. Vegas/Philly sleepwalked through game never had a chance, Kings didn't come to play until they were down 3 in the 1st, they pushed back in the 2nd but didn't make a dent. Buffalo was the only bright spot. Minnesota was severely outshot but rope-a-doped Carolina till late, there some mind boggling calls by the refs in that one but not the reason it lost. Blues could not bring it home late and Avs were up 2 inside 4 minutes and stopped playing, Flames pushed back and tied it with the goalie pulled and the OT winner was just inevitable at that point.

Sunday Totals: 1-0 +1.00 units

Season Totals: 17-18 -5.43 units

#36. NHL Home Teams -156 1 unit
#37 NHL Salami OVER 24.5 +102 1 unit

Stone playing for Ottawa even if he missed the morning skate. Leafs going with backup Sparks. Habs sticking with Niemi as Price is still under the weather with the flu. Minny giving Stalock a game as Dubnyk probably still IV strapped after the Saturday night Carolina onslaught. 50-50 backups/starters in net, with Dallas and Leafs on fire offensively, hopefully Minny/Nashville is not a 1-0 game, the rest should generate some scoring.
I read the Dallas coach stated earlier he was going to pull his goaltender a lot earlier this season if his team were down. Last game he pulled him with 8 minutes left in the 3rd.
Monday Totals: 2-0 +2.02 units

Season Totals: 19-18 -3.41 units

Philadelphia -115 over Florida 1 unit
Minnesota 1st period -135 over Arizona 1 unit


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Good luck goon. Never made a 1st period bet in my life . Wouldn’t even know what to look for . Hopefully you can teach this rookie.
Wednesday Totals: 0-1 -1.00 units

Season Totals: 20-20 -4.76 units

#41. Chicago -140 over Arizona 2 unit
Good to -175
Craw is back tonight, even if rusty can't be any worse than what Ward has been so far. Zona really struggling for an identity, they can't score and they have injury problems.
Interesting you should say that: (from my greek acount)

OCT 18 8:08 AM Hockey - Pending

1. Hockey - Chicago Blackhawks - moneyline (-140)
for the entire game held on Oct 18 at 8:35pm [Pending]

Please accuse me of sucking before you consider me Railbird-ing a price
#42. Vancouver Team Total Under 2.5 -107 vs Winnipeg 1 unit
#43. Arizona Team Total UNDER 2.5 -105 vs Chicago 1 unit
#44. Pittsburgh/Toronto OVER 6.5 -110 1 unit
Thursday Totals: 1-3 -3.95 units
Friday Totals: 1-0 +1.00 units

Season Totals: 22-23 -7.71 units

Monday Action:
#46. Winnipeg -147 over St Louis 1 unit
#47. Washington -143 over Vancouver 1 unit
Gabe: for 1P sides or totals, I use data sets for last 6, last 10 and last 20 games. When not enough data, I also use last 2 seasons, with 60-40 weighting to the most recent season. That's not very effective with the spike in scoring this year, but last year's Oct was high scoring as well so I've been trying to play with just that data set. I combine the home games data for the home team and away games data for the away team.
Monday 2-0 +2.00 units
Season Totals: 24-23 -5.71 units

Tuesday's Fades:
#48. Columbus -165 over Arizona 1 unit
#49. Dallas -142 over Los Angeles 1 unit
#50. Montreal Team Total OVER 2.5 -135 vs Calgary 1 unit
#51. Edmonton Team Total OVER 2.5 -140 vs Pittsburgh 1 unit


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Monday 2-0 +2.00 units
Season Totals: 24-23 -5.71 units

Tuesday's Fades:
#49. Dallas -142 over Los Angeles 1 unit
I am/was sooooooooooo trying to make a case for the Kings. Looks like many agree since money is coming in on them. After B2B nightmare home games against NYI/Buff they had a meeting and I think they show up tonight ready to play. I am looking at U5.5 because I do think they come to play defence today, too. I can see this being a 3-1/3-2 kinda game