Railbird vs SlipperyPete Election Contest.....


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Why is the left so scared of the just getting to the truth? If there are reasonable allegations of fraud they should be looked into (on both sides). I mean we all remember the hanging chads fiasco of 2000. If Biden takes over the precedency I want it to be fair and just that's all.
Who’s not open to getting to the truth??? Wtf. It’s not the Dems trying to stop any vote counts. This your first day of following along?


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Railbird's Entries
ALAB R 23.6
AZ R 1.9
ARK R 27.1
CA D 25.9
CO D 7.8
FLA R 3.3
GA R 3.2
HW D 32.9
ID R 27.4
ILL D 16.6
IND R 16.8
IA R 5.9
KAN R 15.0
KENT R 23.4
LA R 18.2
MASS D 30.0
Maine D 5.5
Mich R 0.1
MO R 14.7
MN R 0.1
MISS R 18.1
NH D 4.4
NY D 27.7
NM D 9.5
NEV D 0.7
NEB R 17.5
NoCar R 2.2
OHIO R 6.3
Okla R 31.2
OR D 9.4
PA R 0.7
SCar R 12.2
Tenn R 22.2
Tex R 5.9
UTAH R 18.1
Wash D 17.2
WestVa R 31.1
Wiscy D 2.2
VA D 8.1
I out performed anyone on nate silver roster, and, its not even close


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Good chance They run back Wisconson ,and possibly Georgia because of fraud, Lets see what Amy Barrett says
Why do you think the crummycrats ask Barrett if she'd recuse herself from election stuff. These f' ers knew then how they were going to cheat.

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Closest mutual prediction: Hawaii (0.9%); farthest apart prediction: Oregon (10.6%).

Seven states where the picks were for a different winner (Rail has Trump, Pete has Biden): Az, FLA, GA, Mich, MInn, NC, and PA.
Looks like fucking Petey.


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We will know around Valentines day

Contest update, executive summary:

With 32 of the 40 states having 90% or more of the precincts in (all have 50% or more and 20 have 99% or more), Rail has increased his lead with a total deviation of actual from estimated % of 127.8% (average 3.20% per state) to Pete's 234.9% (average 5.87% per state). Best state so far for Rail is Florida at 0.09% off, for Pete with New Mexico at 0.45% off.

So far Rail has the better estimate in 29 states, Pete in 11. Rail closer in 4 of the 7 "conflict states", all but AZ, GA and MN.


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I took Trump to win Az +200 last night, im looking good

Did Railturd just make another pro Trump prediction. Eventhough this one was past posted he'll probably lose, making him 0-18 on pro Trump predictions.

P. S. Trump gives his chief of staff Mark Meadows the Covid Virus. Fucken losers. 😂 😂 😂


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your not funny, your a moron.
You're not smart, your a racist, past posting, bigot, mouth breather, a miserable, creepy homosexual who backed a president who just got embarrassed and on his way to prison.

in other words, you're a loser, but surely I'm not the 1st person to remind you of that. And god punished you with cancer for the way you conduct yourself on earth. And there's a lot of Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans in hell waiting for you to fuck your ass. Try not to keep them waiting much longer, your the only one they want.


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RailNazi is now becoming unhinged. First Lebron and the Lakers, then the Dodgers and their black manager, and now his racist orange hero goes down in flames. If he were a human being I'd almost feel a little sorry for him, but it's hard for me to have any sympathy for a Nazi
Eventhough you past posted this you're going to lose another pro Trump prediction. That makes 0-19 with Georgia pending.

At some point JK should put up Twitter-like warnings about how awful his record is on these in 2020. Railturd just keeps going on like Chump about how he's right and if he ever loses at anything its fraud or cheating.