Railbird's random thoughts

This yr clippers team is best team of all time imo. So many demon defenders and board men, so many unslefish passers, so many clutch performers and high iq players
Airraid offense which is was born out of run and shoot works in nfl. its been proven with patriots, chiefs, seahwaks. im not a kingsberry fan, there are many better air raid coaches than him. Murray height is not an issue, will he success? maybe not, thought his pocket avoidance would be better, he is no Doug Flutie or R Wilson
leach to rolovich, either way you have best coach in Pac12
I dont know Rudy Gobert, but think he is dishonest enough to sign up, Tom Hanks was a freedom medal winner and a globalist,, and is probably lying. lie % id put it at Gobert 28% Hanks 73%. The spokespeople are mostly globalist swamp creatures, Larry ellison even tho a trump supporter is a techie and benefits globalism, Adam Silver, Mark Emmert all establishment goons. Italy home of vatican which is a satanic entity. Iran,Korea,China the axis of evil.
Smart commentators beleive Cezar Nero is the anti christ, and Elijiah and Moses are the 2 witnesses in Revelation. Islam and the Catholic church likely combine as the 1 world religion post rapture. CFR and UN pushes abortions and LGBQ,
Why do I trust Patriot Nurse, Alex Jones, my pastor for reliable news way more than Larry Scott, Morning Joe, Jay Bilas. Because they are beleivers and know the dark forces of globalism.