81-57 +64 units last year NFL 2018-2019

Also Sherwood has had a winning season in NFL in 10 of the previous 15 seasons.

And a YTD NFL record (preseason included) of 11-4, +14.65 units.
On Friday Sherwood revealed his early leans (not yet his pics/plays) with commentary for Sunday's Week 2 NFL action. These are the early leans:

DETROIT +115 over L.A. Chargers

GREEN BAY -3 +102 over Minnesota

Buffalo -1½ -110 over N.Y. GIANTS

WASHINGTON +6 -101 over Dallas

CINCINNATI -1½ -107 over San Francisco

MIAMI +18½ -107 over New England

Jacksonville +8½ -101 over HOUSTON

PITTSBURGH -3½ -107 over Seattle

Arizona +13½ -110 over BALTIMORE

Indianapolis +3½ -110 over TENNESSEE

Kansas City -7 -103 over OAKLAND

DENVER +2½ -101 over Chicago

L.A. RAMS -2 over New Orleans

ATLANTA +115 over Philadelphia

"...actual wagers won’t be posted until Sunday morning between 10 AM and 12:00 PM EST."

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Ray Luca

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U gotta stop w this Sherwood....the guy doesn't even understand what action means in baseball...go look at his recent tweet. Told people u get a free roll cause Giolito is listed and will be scratched. Another words he thought u get that line and not the new line. Hysterical
I dont even bother betting into games like that for fear my withdrawals or stuff gets prolonged or even stopped because of it. I was going to hit Minny last night but ended up not.

I am surprised it took books so long to pick up on the Giolito shut down.
U gotta stop w this Sherwood....the guy doesn't even understand what action means in baseball...go look at his recent tweet. Told people u get a free roll cause Giolito is listed and will be scratched. Another words he thought u get that line and not the new line. Hysterical
Admittedly he isn't all knowing like you are, omniscient one. Post enough comments & we'll find something you've said to laugh about, if it hasn't happened already. Pride goes before a fall. BTW, what's your NFL record YTD & in the past 15 years? Sherwood's speaks for itself & it's all free. And if you can point me to anyone ever who has done better, please do so.
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we'll find something you've said to laugh about, if it hasn't happened already.
It has. And I made a bet about it.... And then I mailed Irish Tim $1,000 money order when the community here voted what I said was wrong.

That speaks volumes about my character. Irish Tim was a stranger to me. Still is lol

Ray Luca

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No he doesn't sell. He is honest. But how do you give out baseball selections and not know action is adjusted action when pitching change
Sherwood MLB 2019

Season to Date 174-262. -81.98 Units

But that don't count cause he wins with football
Did you even read the thread before commenting?

You're just repeating what was said in post #2 which was answered in post #3 as follows:

"Yes, it's been his worst year ever in MLB after his best year ever in the sport in 2018:


Overall he's up in MLB, especially since 2013, & has had 8 winning seasons vs 7 losing seasons.

As for all sports combined he says:

"In 2018 we finished +52.64 units to the good for our 9th winning year in the last 10 seasons" "
When I hear Sherwood I always think pucks, interesting he seems to be good in other sports as well.

Thanks for the link. worth checking out.

Is he a tout?
All picks are free & posted on his website with write-ups.

Since 2008 he's had 11 winning seasons out of 12 in NCAAF, as shown here:


NCAAF 16-12, +10.40 units YTD
NFL 13-6, +14.57 units YTD
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Agree with Luca here. You can’t make that mistake and be taken seriously.
Since he has always bet SPs & not action bets in MLB it isn't all that amazing he wouldn't know about a certain action bet rule. So it's entirely - irrelevant - as to whether or not his baseball capping should "be taken seriously". And likewise - irrelevant - to his NFL success, which is the subject of the title of this thread, not MLB. Furthermore his overall long-term betting success in all sports combined, as well as in the sport of MLB alone, would be evidence to the contrary of your conclusion. So your comment should be rejected as being non sharp.
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We all know he has a website- there’s no need to re-post all his stuff over here.
I'm not omniscient, therefore not aware of that. There are 586 views on this thread. Who can say they "all (knew) he has a website"? How would you know that or who might view the thread in the future & whether or not they already "(knew) he has a website"?

It's my time to waste. Why would you care?
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Stick w Sherwood and his $8 parlays

Obviously the many people who have followed & bet Sherwood's picks do not all bet the same amount he does, but a wide range probably from a few dollars to thousands.

My POV is the amount one bets is - irrelevant - when considering who is a grade A handicapper worth blindly following. A long term proven winner is still a proven long term winner no matter how much he bets, whether 8 cents, 8 dollars, 8 hundred or 8k.

If the vast majority (97%?) are long term or life time losers, where does that put Sherwood? In the top 3%?

"I’ve been a +EV since meeting my betting math Yoda at WSEX back in ‘99"

BTW, eight dollars? Really? I saw some $50 parlays this year. On straight bets, which are the norm, i've seen a range in the hundreds under $500.
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On Sundays he had 9 in week 1, only 3 in week 2 & 10 in week 3. Said he really liked the card yesterday. Evidently week 1 also.

Last year he had 128 picks from NFL-X through the Super Bowl. Maybe about 6 plays on average for each entire week through 17 weeks of the regular season.
Heim 483-403-19 +64.38 UNITS
Sept.1-23 incl....11-4 (W-L)
Aug.1-31 incl....17-9 (W-L)
Aug.1-Sept.23 incl. 28-13 (W-L)

NFL...7-0 YTD* (two bets on GB +3.5 counted as 1-0)
NFL-X...9-2 YTD*
NFL + NFL-X...16-2

NCAAF...6-2 YTD*


* YTD = 2019-2020 season
Heim 488-405-19 +67.33 UNITS (WNBA: Connecticut Sun +260 to win the WNBA title)

Heim 484-404-19 +64.38 UNITS

Heim 483-403-19 +64.38 UNITS

Heim 478-402-19 +60.38 UNITS (corrected figure)

Heim 475-401-19 +58.57 UNITS (NCAAF: 302 Rice +21 -125)

Heim 474-401-19 +57.57 UNITS (NFL: 451 Green Bay Packers +3.5 -110)

Heim 471-401-19 +54.37 UNITS (168 Illinois -17 -122)

Heim 467-400-19 +51.57 UNITS

Heim 464-400-19 +48.57 UNITS

Heim 461-398-19 +47.62 UNITS

Heim 458-396-19 +46.82 UNITS