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Damn Quebb kicking ass...I would die if tried any of that shit. :+textinb3

5x5 workout from today

squat 95, 120, 140, 165, 192
DL same as squat
bench 80, 100, 120, 140, 165
barbell row 60, 75, 90, 110, 125 supersets with 5 neutral pull-ups per set
shoulder press 45, 55, 70, 80, 95 supersets with 20's lat raise
reverse crunch 3x20
captains chair 3x20
standing cable crunches 3x55
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Quebb that kills me you call them "string" curls haha. Ive always referred to them as the cables. just thought it was funny brahhhh
ha ha cables...strings...its all the same! just got in the habit of calling them the "string machines" b/c of a buddy i use to work out w/...i once was a normal person who called them cables too...its the rhyme that gets me!
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ha ha cables...strings...its all the same! just got in the habit of calling them the "string machines" b/c of a buddy i use to work out w/...i once was a normal person who called them cables too...its the rhyme that gets me!
i didnt know "strings" and "machines" rhymed....i must have got a poor education


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I would like to thank several bad beats for giving me an excellent workout that I will definitely be sore from.
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dumbell bench (95s) 10-8-8-6
dumbell incline fly (40s) 10-10-9-7 (supersetted 15 pushups after each set)
machine flys (180) 10-10-9-9
machine decline (70s) 10-9-7-7

preacher curls (80) 10-10-10-9
CABLE curls (72.5) 10
CABLE 21 curls (65) 21-21
CABLE tri pushdowns (87.5) 10-10-9-7
machine dips (190) 10-10-9-7
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i just went and got a gym memebership, i should need oxygen about 3 minutes after walking into there tommorrow (thats the date i am starting) weights for me, just cardio to lose weight


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heading there now for some light chest before mens league ball at 7

incline db presses 4 set pyramid from 12 -8 60s 70s 80s 90s
flat bench same thing
4 sets decline bench 185x10 superset with weighted dips till failure
4 sets incline cable flyes
4 sets pec deck
10 minute circuit ab workout 2 machines and crunches on the ball
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i just went and got a gym memebership, i should need oxygen about 3 minutes after walking into there tommorrow (thats the date i am starting) weights for me, just cardio to lose weight
Lifting weights helps you lose weight. As they say, "muscle is metabolism". The more muscle you build, the higher your base metabolism -- how fast you burn calories every minute of the day -- becomes. Plus, lifting burns calories while you are doing it, and keeps your metabolism elevated for many hours afterward. Cardio does this as well, but the aftereffect on metabolism is much shorter.

Do both...cardio after weights, though, or on different days.
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Boston how the hell you play ball after lifting chest haha?

Definitely lift weights for the guy trying to lose weight too....Just do some high reps, and short rest between sets

off day for me, abs and thats all for me


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I am a pussy and skipped playing ball tonight. I've been in fla most of the winter and not lifting much back to my normal routine now. Did legs yesterday for the first time in a while and didn't hold back I'm walking like a cripple today. Also it seems that my body doesn't like the break from the weights and heavy drinking while on vacation so my light chest day couldn't have seemed heavier. got the 80s for 8 and didn't move on. The good news is it comes back fast just not as fast as I would like. The first couple weeks back are brutal.


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Got caught up with sports/poker tourney and totally forgot about my workout. Now going to have to go today, Thursday, and Saturday (2938u4ji23).
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I am a pussy and skipped playing ball tonight. I've been in fla most of the winter and not lifting much back to my normal routine now. Did legs yesterday for the first time in a while and didn't hold back I'm walking like a cripple today. Also it seems that my body doesn't like the break from the weights and heavy drinking while on vacation so my light chest day couldn't have seemed heavier. got the 80s for 8 and didn't move on. The good news is it comes back fast just not as fast as I would like. The first couple weeks back are brutal.
What part of Florida?


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Spent some time with my girlfriend in miami and painted her mothers new house in naples. Even though it's an older croud in naples there is a ton of nice golf courses and decent beaches on marco island also great food in both places
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First of all I'd like to apologize for the lenght of this "cut and paste" job. The concept of Static Contraction is actually pretty simple. It's simply a method of quantifying intensity in weight training. I've been doing this for the last 5 years (my workouts only last about 10 minutes, ONCE a week). It will seem extremely easy at first, but as the weight/time increase the workout gets harder and harder and you may actually have to go two weeks between workouts.

There's no need to buy Pete Sisco's book as the concept is explained below:

<BIG>Finally, strength workouts for the thinking person...</BIG>

10 exercises

5 seconds each

All the muscle you want!


<BIG><BIG>Four Workouts From Today You Can Be Stronger Than You've Ever Been!</BIG>

My name is Pete Sisco and I have developed a better way to lift weights and build muscle.

I?ve been telling people about it for a several years and many people tell me I write ?great ad copy? . . . but I actually want to do the opposite. I?d like to explain my training to you as if you and I knew each other and you just wanted plain talk without the psychological sales tricks used to manipulate and pressure you.

Here goes.

There is a huge amount of confusion in the realm of strength training, or weightlifting or bodybuilding or whatever name you want to give to the task of making your muscles and body stronger. I think the confusion is spread deliberately so that people become reliant on ?experts? to help them. As George Bernard Shaw said, ?Every profession is a conspiracy against the layman.?

But the honest truth is there are only a handful of very easy to understand fundamental rules that govern muscle and strength building. And once you know what they are you can quickly tell whether or not a training method is rational. I?ll tell you those fundamentals right now.

The Law of Muscle Fiber Activation

Every muscle basically consists of million of individual muscle fibers. When it receives an electrical signal from the brain a fiber contracts and becomes smaller. To visualize, picture a one inch long fiber suddenly contacting to ? inch. (Or a 4cm fiber contacting to 1cm, for my metric friends.)

That simple function is responsible for all movement in the human body. From a watchmaker?s fine tinkering to swinging a sledgehammer, muscle fibers create all motion.

OK, here is the important characteristic we need to know about. When a muscle fiber is activated it contracts completely, not by degrees. So it either contracts fully or it does not contract at all.

Who cares?

You do (or, at least, you should), because this fact ? above all others - determines how you should stimulate your muscles to get bigger and stronger. For example, when your biceps muscle tries to curl a dumbbell that is 30% of the maximum you could lift it does not activate 100% of the muscle fibers to contract with 30% of their power. They can?t do that. They can only contract fully and completely. What happens is 30% of the fibers contract fully, lifting the dumbbell, and 70% of the muscle fibers do nothing and therefore ? this is important ? 70% of the fibers receive no stimulation to grow bigger or strengthen.

That?s the way muscles work. It?s been known for nearly a century and it?s simple to understand. Your body only uses the muscle fibers it needs to use and no more. This is the law of muscle fiber activation and it?s why we need to lift heavy weights if we want to stimulate as much of a target muscle as possible.

Muscles Must Be Stimulated In Order To Grow

The second critical concept is also very easy to understand. For this concept the analogy of the suntan is often invoked. Your skin has the ability to adapt to bright sunlight by growing darker. It will do this only if it must and only if the stimulation is sufficient. Sit under a shady tree or a car?s dome light and you get no tan. Everyone understands that.

Muscle also has the ability to adapt by growing bigger and thus stronger. But it will do so only if the stimulation is sufficient. Lift a relatively light weight and there is no need for your body to adapt. Lift a relatively heavy weight and you get stronger. And, just like the tan analogy, you can get slightly stronger (a bit of a tan) or maximally stronger (a very dark tan).

Stimulation is the indispensable condition. Studies at Harvard University proved that muscle grows even without testosterone, growth hormone, insulin and even food! Obviously, none of those is desirable, but the point is stimulation is the central issue if you want to build bigger, stronger muscles. In fact, even if you injected steroids, HGH and a bunch of the other misused and abused drugs into your body but did not lift weights, you would not grow new muscle.


OK, so far we know this.

a) Muscle will only grow if it is stimulated to grow.
b) The required stimulation is the use or activation of many muscle fibers.
c) The way we activate the most muscle fibers is by lifting the heaviest weights possible.

(Note to women. ?Heaviest weight possible? might be 20 lbs for you so please don?t be intimidated by what could be construed as macho talk. ?Heavy? is a relative term. So don?t go away, this training really will help you reach your weight and fitness goals.)

So far we don?t need any experts or professionals to understand that, right? And it meets the common-sense test; if you want to get stronger you need to lift weights that are heavier than you are used to lifting. And, your body will only adapt if it needs to adapt. Nothing controversial there.

Knowing a, b & c, How Can We Engineer a Better Workout?

We lift weights because muscle grows in response to high intensity overload. Just pumping your arm up and down all day won?t increase its muscle size or strength. But if you hold a heavy weight in your hand while you pump up and down, your muscle has to work at a higher rate of intensity?and that triggers new growth.

That?s easy to understand, right? So if you want to increase the size, strength and tone of, for example, your chest muscles?you?d do a high intensity chest exercise. But guess what? Nobody seems to know what exercises really deliver high intensity. Why can I say that? Because I actually measured the intensity of the ten most popular chest exercises and I know what intensity they really generate.

Look at this chart:

This chart shows the relative intensity of the ten most common chest exercises. Every time I go in the gym I see guys doing number 2 ?to really blast the chest.? And number 4 might be the most recommended chest exercise of all time. But as you can see for yourself, numbers 2 and 4 deliver only a fraction of the intensity of the best chest exercises. So doing the others is inefficient and a waste of your time and effort because they can?t possibly deliver the results of the top exercises?and this isn?t my opinion, it?s a law of physics!

I also used multiple test subjects to scientifically determine the most effective and efficient exercises for biceps, triceps, forearms, upper back, lower back, shoulders, traps, abs and legs. The very best exercises for each muscle group are the ones used in my workouts.

Knowing the importance of intensity and the exact exercises that deliver it best is the first step in engineering the ultimate training program. Because it's only logical to use the exercises that activate the most muscle fibers.

Next, we need to know about a second aspect of human strength.

Time vs. Duration

The higher the intensity of muscular output, the shorter the duration must be. This is another easy principle to understand. For example, humans can run really fast?but only for about 100 meters. Or, humans can run for 26+ miles?but only at a slower speed. Fine. Now?can you guess how this law applies to maximizing the intensity of muscular output during a workout in the gym? Since I absolutely love graphs, I?m sneaking in another one?

With my training, each exercise is completed in 5 seconds. Because I know the longer you can lift a weight, the lighter is has to be. And remember how we talked about a lighter weight only activating 30% of muscle fibers? Well, we want to use weights that activate as close to 100% as we can get. That means they have to be heavy...and that means we can only lift them for a very short amount of time.

If you want a very high intensity workout, it must be very short. But how many times have you been told to do an enormous workout routine that takes 1+ hours? How can that possibly have the level of intensity of a routine lasting a total of less than one minute? It can?t. Again, this is not my opinion?this is a universal law.

OK, do you see where we?re going so far? First you need to know the very best exercises for delivering the highest overload to each muscle group. Then you need to use those exercises in the best possible way to maximize overload and minimize the time spent doing it. And that?s very good news. It literally means short workouts are more beneficial and efficient than long workouts. Wow! But it gets even better when you learn the next law of human physiology:

The more intense your workouts, the more rest you need between workouts.

Since the way you keep progressing toward your muscle size and strength goals is to increase intensity on each workout, it means you train less and less frequently as you get stronger.

Look at it visually:

With a low intensity workout, you don?t need very much rest time. That?s why so many people can start a program of lifting weights two or three times per week and make some decent progress. But as you get stronger, your workouts get more and more intense?and you absolutely, positively need more time off.

Yet how many times have you been told to keep training three days a week? That strategy must ultimately fail?it leads to ?plateaus? ?staleness? thinking you are a ?hardgainer? and all the other maladies - including fatigue and susceptibility to colds and flu - to which trainees fall prey. Because universal biological laws can not be broken. Ever. (P.S. The truly desperate turn to injecting illegal drugs as a means to cheat their body?s metabolism and natural safeguards. Ultimately, that will fail also but with even worse health consequences.)

Below is an illustration of the training frequency of my Static Contraction method compared to conventional training. The conventional trainee sticks to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule which allows gains initially. But as the workouts get more intense, his body does not have time to fully recover and then trigger new muscle growth. So he can't make steady progress. That's why most people in the gym have been bench pressing and leg pressing about the same weight for year after year. Sound familiar?

See how the Static Contraction trainee alters his workout frequency as he gets stronger? That is the secret to making steady, consistent progress. By the time you're strong enough to lift a ton on the leg press you'll need to work out once every 3 to 6 weeks...about as often as you get a haircut. And you will make progress on every exercise on every workout. That's efficiency!

Vanity vs. Health

The real value of rational, productive strength training is the health benefits derived from it. By in large, the people who buy my products are past the age where bulging biceps and 'bowling pin' forearms are their #1 objective. To be sure, everyone wants to look his or her best and have a trim, toned appearance. But the enduring value of being stronger lies in other known health benefits.

Those benefits are well established in medical research. Productive strength training delivers:

  • Lower blood pressure<LI style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"> More lean (muscle) mass
  • Higher fat burning 24/7<LI style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"> Increased natural HGH and testosterone
  • Increased libido<LI style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"> Increased HDL 'good' cholesterol
  • Improved cardiac function<LI style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"> Lower bodyfat
  • Greater bone density<LI style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"> Stronger tendons and ligaments
  • Increased energy<LI style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"> Improved, toned appearance
  • Increased sense of well-being
Those are honest, scientifically validated benefits of productive strength training. Unlike many areas of science and medicine, there is no opposing opinion that says, "That's not true, people are better off not exercising and having less strength and muscle." The evidence is overwhelming that productive strength training is enormously beneficial.

In fact, the percentage of muscle a person has is used as a "biomarker of aging". So having more muscle literally means you are a younger person, despite when your birthday is.

As a middle-aged man, I want every single one of the benefits on that list. But...and this is a BIG 'but'...I want them with as little time and effort as possible.

I know some people like to go to the gym every night after work and spends hours working out. Then spend their weekends doing the same. That's just fine for them, but that's not me. I have other interests that require my time so I want to do the absolute minimum exercise in order to get the enormous health benefits on the above list. If that sounds like you too, then Static Contraction is for you.

Fastest Known Method to Build Muscle and Increase Strength

I've spent over 15 years working on the issue of efficient strength training and I've developed a complete methodology that allows anyone to achieve his or her absolute maximum strength with the absolute minimum time investment.

My method works so well that a person can get strong enough to lift a car after less than 60 seconds of total training time. There's a claim you won't see anywhere else, including from your local personal trainer. (Who wants you in the gym as often as po$$ible.)

Do I hear someone saying, "C'mon? 60 seconds? Really?" Yes, and here is how it works. When you do Static Contraction exercise you maximize the intensity (and benefit) by decreasing the duration of the exercise. So each exercise is performed in just 5 seconds. So 60 seconds of total training time involves 12 workouts spread over the exact length of time your body requires. Done properly, each of those 12 workouts will deliver an increase in strength. (Isn't that the whole point of lifting weights in the first place?)

And each workout you do will contain 5 different exercises (10 exercises in total) so a workout represents just 25 seconds of actual muscle training.

You can perform my workout in any gym using conventional equipment. Ultimately, if you chose, the revolutionary Static Contraction methodology will make you stronger than you?ve ever been in your life because you?ll be training a new, super-efficient way using ultra high intensity but very brief and relatively infrequent workouts.

The truth is any training method that involves lifting heavy weights will work to some degree and for some period of time. What my training method offers you is a method that requires the minimum possible time investment and, because of meaningful measurement, the ability to sustain your strength and muscle mass month after month and year after year.

And I'll guarantee you this, too. On every exercise you've ever performed, from bench press to barbell curls to lat pulldowns, you name will achieve new personal records in all of them. And you?ll do it without drugs and without wasting your time in the gym with needless workouts.

And, ladies, please don't be intimidated by any of the foregoing. This is every bit as much for you as it is for any man, from total beginner to powerful athlete. In fact, Chapter 3 is called "Women, Muscle and Fat Loss" and it specifically talks about how women have been lied to on the subject of strength training. (Think about those magazine pictures of perfect models holding a pink, one-pound dumbbell. Please. Women are meant to be strong and they have the same muscle physiology as men.)

My best-selling strength training books have been written about in all of the best fitness and bodybuilding publications. For over 15 years I've conducted studies on athletes from bodybuilders to golfers to determine what exercises and training methods really work in the gym. Every step of the way I?ve applied the laws of physics and the analysis of mathematics to objectively measure what works best! It is estimated over 200,000 people worldwide have trained using my methods.

These aren?t principles I?ve just worked out ?on paper.? These are principles proven in the gym by over 200,000 bodybuilders, athletes and just regular folks. Take a look at the results of one of the studies using static contraction training.

In just 10 weeks of Static Contraction, trainees (who were hardcore bodybuilders who had been lifting "heavy" for a long time and averaged about 38 years of age) achieved the following average gains: (If you are younger or have been training less than these hardcore lifters, you'll likely do better.)

  • a 51.3% increase static strength
  • a 27.6% increase in one-rep max in full range of motion. (without doing full range lifts for 10 weeks!)
  • a 34.3% increase in ten-rep max in full range of motion! (see above)
  • gained 9.0 pounds of new muscle (one subject gained 29 pounds of muscle.)
  • lost 4.9 pounds of fat
  • lost 0.4 inches on waist
  • gained 1/2 inch on each biceps
  • gained 1.1 inches on chest
  • gained 1.2 inches on shoulders
All of this was done with workouts containing less than 2 ? minutes of exercise. Have you had muscle size and strength gains like the above in the last 10 weeks?

And guess what? We later determined this protocol was not the most efficient and effective method. (The optimal method is in Train Smart 2009.)

We did another study with some long-time golfers to see if static strength training would help a full-range-of-motion sport like golf. (It did - these 40-something golfers added up to 30 yards to their drives) But here is what is really interesting...look at the strength increases they achieved:

  • Chest +58%
  • Lats +60%
  • Shoulders +57%
  • Quads +86%
  • Hamstrings +78%
  • Abs 170%
  • Low Back +58%
  • Calf +51%
  • Triceps +133%
  • Biceps +72%
  • Forearm (flexors) +87%
  • Forearm (extensors) +93%
  • Overall average strength gain +84%
They achieved the above in an average of only 6.6 workouts taking an average of just 2.2 minutes of actual exercise. That's 14.5 minutes of exercise time in total... done over six weeks of time. (By the way, the four women on the study outpaced the four men in overall strength gains. The men achieved a 73% gain and the women achieved 95%.)

Have your last seven workouts increased your strength 84%?

No other training method has hard facts like these to back it up. That's just one reason why magazines like Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Muscle Media, Martial Arts Training, Men's Journal and so many others have repeatedly hailed this training as "revolutionary."

Train Smart 2009 is absolutely loaded with new, useful information you can apply in your very next workout.

You spend hundreds of dollars to join a gym or to buy your own equipment. You probably spend hundreds on healthy food or nutritional supplements to prepare your body for building new muscle?but you can not make consistent, productive muscle gains without a proper training method.

Why subject yourself to the wear and tear of workouts week after week and month after month with little or no improvement? Why perform even one more unproductive workout? Don?t throw away another dollar driving to the gym to do a useless workout or gulping down a supplement that can?t help you if you haven?t stimulated muscle growth in the first place.

Here is what people are saying.

Static Contraction? Hannibal Lechter ate it up.

It works. It is fantastic. It's revolutionary It's a fantastic way and I discovered it a few months ago. Actor, Anthony Hopkins talking about using static contraction on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Super Performance Coach Tony Robbins says,

The cutting edge in bodybuilding [and] strength training that can show you - no matter what age you are - how you can produce the greatest result you ever thought possible in the shortest time. Anthony Robbins, from his "Get the Edge" program.

Fitness Magazines Said This:

A thorough, productive weight workout in less than three minutes? You better believe it. Larger muscles. Stronger techniques. Fewer injuries. What more do you want? Martial Arts Training Magazine

This is truly an incredible discovery that could cause physiology books to be rewritten. Ironman Magazine

At last. A weight lifting program that builds muscle an obscenely short amount of time. Martial Arts Training

Don't be surprised if you see substantial results in only 3 workouts. That's how good this system is. Muscular Development

Recent E-Book Customers Said This:

Two Inches of Ripped Muscle on Quads

A month ago I began doing static contraction Training. I've gotten a lot stronger in every area. Most notably, my thighs have grown two inches in circumference while the muscles in my quadriceps developed ripped separation for the first time--and it only took two leg workouts. Adam F.

By Far the Best Program Ever

I just wanted you to know that I have been on this program now for a little over 16 weeks and it is by far the best program I have ever done. My strength has gone through the roof and I have lost over 24 lbs of body weight. I only wish I had found this years ago. To top it all of I will soon be 44 years old and I am so much stronger than I was at 20 years old. Thank you again. Albert O.

Added 2 Inches to Biceps, Increased Flexibility ? Bless You, Pete

Thanks to static contraction training I have packed on a couple of inches of extra muscle on my biceps which actually makes my biceps look a lot fuller, longer and peaked and have a lot of energy left to burn. And after being harassed about flexibility, that I would have the flexibility of a pumpkin, I did a flexibility test and was better off than when I was 18. Bless you, Pete, for Power Factor and static contraction training it has changed my life from wasting time working out for hours trying to build an impressive physique, now my workouts are only 30 minutes and my body is more muscular than ever before. Jaye T.

Stronger + Almost Instant Relief from Joint Pain
I have been working out in gyms on and off for over 20 years. I have had constant aches in my joints most of that time. I now can push 140kgs [308 lbs.] doing it your way and feel really strong. I used to struggle to do 80kgs [176 lbs.] now I warm up with 80kgs and do ten reps before I do my press. I know the muscleheads down the gym do not understand this increase and don?t understand when I tell them what I'm doing once a week. I have very little joint pain now, if any. I am not doing stupid, boring reps which is a real bonus. I thought joint pain was something I was going to have for ever. Pete and team, I am positive this almost instant relief from joint pain is due to the strength training you describe. Robert M.

Biggest Arms Ever
My arms are now 19 inches cold. They have never been this big. Ever. I performed a 600 lb incline on my power rack for six reps. I'd go heavier but that's all the weight I have right now. I never thought that I would ever run out of weight. Go figure. I would like to express my gratitude for the tremendous work and research you did in uncovering these fundamental truths. John S.

Uses Full Stack on Most Machines
First, I thank you for properly researching physiological strength training. Your program really works. I have been a life long bodybuilder. I lift once a month. I now use full stacks on most machines...the guys freak out when they see this. None of them do heavy legs like me, especially leg curls. I have gotten so damned strong that I am undefeated in ultimate fighting even with 220 pounders. They all freak out, especially since I stay in the ring for hours and take all comers until they drop. My grip, leg strength and endurance is maximized. Jimmy F.

900 lbs Feels Like a Feather
Just a note of thanks. I am up to 1,400 lbs calf raise using static contraction. So today after doing my calf raise, I lowered the weight to 900 lbs. I did a full range calf raise like it was a feather. Before starting static contraction my calf raise max was 400 lbs. What a change, so THANKS. Joseph G.

By Far the Most Effective Form of Training
I have used many forms of training over the past 7 or 8 years but this is by far the most effective form of training I've done. Ever time I go into the gym I am stronger than last time, and that's an incredible feeling. Haydn O.

Women Say ?Pretty Buffed?
I was at the pool the other day, and happened to take my shirt off. One of my women-friends quickly commented about me "looking pretty buffed". My response was, "Thanks, not bad for 20 minutes a week, eh?" Your program goes against everything I've read and been taught, yet it really does seem to work. Jim I.

Up 11 lbs of Muscle, Down 5 lbs of Fat ? At 62
After 10 weeks I am 191 lbs. with a 27% bodyfat. This works out to an 11.8 lb. gain in muscle and a 5.8 lb. loss in fat. My overall average gain in strength was 71%...pretty incredible, especially for a 62-year-old man. Dave B.

Up 5 lbs of Muscle in 3 Workouts
[In 3 workouts] I've gained 5 pounds, not bodyfat (I tested with bodyfat calipers.) My full range bench max is 175, in my second workout I used 275. I can't wait to use 495 in a workout for the first time. Matt S.

175 lb Plateau for Years, Now Lifting 450 lbs
I was lucky to bench 150 lbs in the traditional way. I generally worked out with 135 lbs (3 sets of 8). I pretty much stayed at that weight for several years. With SCT I went from 175 lbs to 450 lbs. I feel so solid. And I only do the bench once every two weeks. The only problem is maxing out the machines (not a bad problem to have). You should see the looks on the people's faces when we load 1,000 lbs on the leg press and do a static hold...with one leg. Scott M.

People Who Took My Static Contraction Challenge Said This:

  • Totally awesome. My strength has improved each workout. I never realized that I was capable of holding that kind of weight
  • This is amazing; people can't believe I train naturally.
  • I?m absolutely blown away with the awesome results I have received in just three very small workouts.
  • These are the biggest gains ever for me.
  • It was very motivating. I was amazed at the amount of weight I was working with.
  • This is awesome. I feel like I have been wasting my time before this.

And this is just a small sample of the testimonials we?ve received since 1992.

Every time you go to the gym, you?ll know exactly what to accomplish on every exercise in order to meet your goals. No guesswork. No going by ?feel? or ?instinct.? You?ll have your exact objectives in black and white.

You Won?t Hear About These Techniques Anywhere Else

This not a rehash of what you hear in the gym and read in books and magazines. It is based on years of innovation and experimentation that led to a radically efficient new way to train. Nobody else has this research?nobody else has this innovation?nobody else has the track record of over two hundred thousand successful trainees.

If you're still with me after all that you must be really dedicated! Just keep an open mind and try this for several weeks and report back with your progress (you'll be amazed)!

Good luck with your workouts,
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for the first time in the gym ever, it was okay.. forgot a few things, like a towel and some water...

did an hour on the treadmill, something like 3.6 miles (i probably havent walked that much in years)

then did 20 minutes on the bike, at that point i was so parched i decided to call it a day...

i have a feeling this is gonna be addictive
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What would you need a towel for?

that is awesome that you are getting in there tucker. most people get a lady and then stop going. you're doing the opposite!