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Kane I see Martell didn’t get the starting nod at the U
Yeah, I'm disappointed he didn't win the job, looks like he may never live up to his potential. The guy he lost out to is Jarren Williams, he's a highly regarded dual threat QB out of Georgia, Manny Diaz said Williams passing ability is what gave him the edge, but I have a feeling at some point Martell will get a shot, I'm not sold on Williams, but we'll see how he plays. He'll be thrown into the fire immediately getting the start against Florida, don't know how long of a leash he has though. The Canes are pretty solid, they have a lot of talent, the problem is and has been the QB position, they have top 10 talent, but for them to achieve that type of success they need consistent play from the QB position, something they haven't had since the Ken Dorsey days.
The Phillies fire their pitching coach and hire their ex manager Charlie Manuel.
In his first game
In the first three innings
They score ten runs.
A nice start in his new role.
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Kane I see Martell didn’t get the starting nod at the U
I heard an interview the other day with one of the Canes beat writers, he said he's watched Martell in practice and he's the most inaccurate QB he's ever seen, and apparently Miami is now considering switching him to wide receiver. Fans down here were ecstatic when he transferred, it's been a long time since Miami has had a good QB, and if you're recruited by OSU, that's a good enough endorsement for me, but it looks like he just isn't good enough