Sinker 100

look at him cry....look at him.....crying in the corner until mommy comes and changes his panties...

do you want me to pay your debt little billy....i'll do it if you ask....but you gotta ask nicely
don't know if JK need his dick sukked Teddy but if you blow him 5x maybe he call it even

I'll leave that with you.
anyone else wanna beat Sinker with their QWERTY club?

Fukk maybe I finish next year, errybuddy know Sinker love you fukkin Peonies.

This shit good clean fun.

Luv me some Chitty caps
do you want me to take over the thread billy.....i'll get you back to even within the 100 plays or i'll pay the 250......just let me know just need to ask nicely
Re: Sinker 100

Tell you what Billy, if you wind up plus, I'll give JK $250 for a contest.
Re: Sinker 100

Fuck it I'll donate $250 as well to make sure everyone knows which way to root.
Re: Sinker 100

Get 'em Sink!

And to get in the spirit if you end up exactly 0.00 units ill donate $250 for a contest, that way we're covered no matter what happens.

:lol. :lol
Re: Sinker 100

Unbelievably generous.

EOG also will add $250 to Billy's prize fund to make the total a cool grand.

1250 dollars on the line and 3 seasons later little billy still wont finish contest....

billy....let me take over and if i dont get you back to even ill pay the just need to ask me nicely
I can't put into words what I'm feeling right now, I'm in shock, I don't understand it

Can't stop crying, this has devastated me beyond words, Not just a great pitcher, but a great kid, I still haven't completely processed this. It's been raining all day in South Florida, fits perfectly with the mood of everyone here